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Qantas A380 rolling from Sydney winner in Best of the Rest in cover competition

Qantas and its A380 fleet were in the news for much of the end of the year due to an uncontained engine failure on VH-OQA and the fleet’s subsequent grounding. The damaged aircraft, VH-OQA, will be out of service for many more months. Afkabruce89 captured this photos of VH-OQA during better times. The aircraft is […]

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Close up of Rafale over Swiss Alps winner in Best of the Rest in cover competition

This composite photograph of a Dassault Rafale at Sion Air Base in Switzerland earned a place in our cover competition’s “best of the rest” category, although for future years we will stipulate only un-touched photos made be entered. Taken with a Canon EOS 500D by AirSpace photographer Niels_Boswinkel. Niels took the original photographs. Look out […]

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Thai 777

Thai 777 and her reflection, winner in Best of the Rest in cover competition

It is not often we see vertical aviation photos, and AirSpace photographer afkabruce98′s photo of a Thai Airways 777-300 and its reflection approaching Sydney’s 16R runway was nicely composed, earning it a spot in our cover competition’s Best of the Rest grouping. Taken with a Canon 40D. Look out for details next November for 2011′s […]

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Harriers landing winner of Best of Rest in cover competition

Regular AirSpace contributor Sunshine Band, who won last year’s cover competition took home a “best of the rest” award for his dramatic photo of two Harriers from the last ever 3(F) Sqn detachment about to land onboard the HMS Illustrious. He took the photo with a Canon ESO300D. Look out for details next November for […]

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A380 at Airbus Family Day winner in Best of the Rest cover competition

The Airbus A380 made its airshow flying debut long ago, but every performance still generates wonderful photo ops. AirSpace photographer HummelfX captured one of those moments at Airbus Family Day with a Canon 40D and won a place in our cover competition’s Best of the Rest grouping. Look out for details next November for 2011′s […]

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Yak 52

Yak 52 over Dover, General Stars cover competition winner

AirSpace photographer Biggles71 won the General Stars category for his photo of a Yak 52 over the White Cliffs of Dover, taken during a ferry flight from the UK to Belgium. Look out for details next November for 2011′s cover competition. Until then you can upload your photos to AirSpace for a chance to have […]

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Fairey Firefly, Old Flyes winner in cover competition

Who doesn’t have appreciation for bygone jets? That is why we have our Old Flyers category, which AirSpace photographer Akoolsbergen placed first in for his picture of a Fairey Firefly Mk V, flying in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy. He took his photo with a Canon 50D. Look out for details […]

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FINT 21 Dec 10-3 Jan 11.jpg

Flight International 21 Dec-3 Jan cover image: head-on view of 747 taking off

This week’s cover image of Flightglobal publication Flight International is the winner of our annual cover photo competition. The winning photo was taken by AirSpace user Coalburner and depicts a Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-200 departing London Gatwick. He took the photo with a Nikon D70.We also had category winners, including best photos for sleek jets, […]

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Image of the Week: Typhoon at sunset

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user sunshine band. His photo depicts a Eurofighter Typhoon “rocketing into the late afternoon sun” during a role demonstration at RAF Waddington, he says. Start a gallery on AirSpace for your chance at having your photograph featured as […]

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Dreamlifter sandwiched between A380s

Today’s image of the day comes from our sister blog Flightblogger by Jon Ostrower, who says this photo (sent to him anonymously) is believed to have been taken around November 28 and shows the 747-400 LCF Dreamlifter (N780BA) sitting between Lufthansa’s first A380 (D-AIMA) and Qantas’s second A380 (VH-OQB) inside Lufthansa Technik’s Frankfurt, Germany hangar.Since […]

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