Airbus A400M in fatigue test rig in Dresden

Airbus has released these two images as its A400M begins fatigue testing in Dresden, Germany.

Airbus says the test airframe, MSN5001, will be “subjected to a punishingregime of loads, 24 hours per day, for an initial four weeks, eventually simulating 160 flights perday.”

“The first 1,665 simulated flights are required for European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)type certification of the A400M, but over the next 18 months a total of 25,000 simulated flights willbe performed – equating to 2.5 times the A400M’s design-life. Static testing of another A400M testairframe, MSN5000 was completed in Madrid in September 2010. That airframe continues to beused for further fatigue tests of composite structures which will last until early 2012.”

Dresden 2011 1.jpg

Dresden 2011 2.jpg


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