Blue Islands ATR-42 at Jersey

AirSpace photographer Nicolas.H captured this photo of a Blue Islands ATR 42 taking off from runway 27 at Jersey (Channel Islands) Airport (JER / EGJJ) in the UK.

The ATR 42 is a 42-seat capacity jet from commercial aircraft from manufacturer ATR who also has a 72-seat version, the ATR 72. Although the manufacturer is convinced that 30% of the demand for 3,000 turboprops over the next 20 years will be for larger aircraft, it is waiting for a “convergent” solution to extend its family to the 90-seat sector.

Chief executive Filippo Bagnato believes that the technology “bricks” are already in place at engine manufacturers Pratt & Whitney and General Electric to develop a family of powerplants to succeed the PW127. Read more…

Blue Islands ATR


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