KLM unveils 777 sporting faces on delft-style tiles

KLM tiled 777.jpg

Photo: KLM

KLM has unveiled the Boeing 777-200 adorned with mini delft-style tiles created from people submitting their picture to the airline’s project on Facebook. (Click on the image above for a larger and detailed look.)

In April KLM invited its Facebook fans to submit a profile picture to be featured on the fuselage of its 777 as part of its “Tile & Inspire” campaign.

KLM says it notified those whose delft-style tile it used, so if you submitted a tile but did not receive notification, better luck next time–whenever that will be, although airlines have periodically called on the public to help create special liveries. Such examples are Alaska Airlines calling for a sport-themed livery design and British Airways in 2005 covering a 747-400 with over 100,000 signatures supporting London’s bid for the 2012 Olympics.


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