Image of the Week: Lancaster and SB2C Helldiver at Hamilton Airshow

This year’s Hamilton Airshow featured an entrance with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Avro Lancaster and the Commerative Air Force SB2C Helldiver along the shores of Lake Ontario, as featured in this week’s image of the week from AirSpace user akoolsbergen.

Annette Koolsbergen writes of the photo:

This is the first ever air2air image of the CWH Lanc (only 2 airworthy) and CAF Helldiver (only one airworthy in the world today) so this image is truly special! What you don’t see pictured is the 4 ship formation which included the CWH Fairey Firefly and the CWH B-25 as photo ship. Together these warbirds flew with massive horsepower and deafening noise over Toronto skies.  Today I still proudly wear the battle scars left from the B-25′s tail gunner position, hoping it will make the 2012 CWH 40th Anniversary Airshow even more successful!



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