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Terrific Tornado in wet Welsh Wales

Absolutely stunning picture of this Panavia Tornado GR4 on the Mach loop in Wales by AirSpace user Andy Chittock. It may have been slightly Photoshopped but it’s still pretty awesome. Credit: Andy Chittock on Flightglobal/AirSpace

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f-35 weapons refuel.jpg

F-35 latest: refuelling tests, complete with external weapons

The Lockheed Martin F-35A on April 21, completed the programme’s first in-flight refueling mission while configured with external weapons at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Test aircraft AF-4 was fitted with two external inert AIM-9X weapons and four external stores. Internally, the jet was carrying two Joint Direct Attack Munitions and two Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles.  The […]

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Australian C-130J on Exercise Kiwi Flag

Borrowed from the Australian Defence Images site is this terrific picture of a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Lockheed Martin C-130J belonging to No 37 Sqn, pictured in New Zealand. In the background is a CASA CN 235-200 aircraft of the Forces armées en Nouvelle-Calédonie (FANC). The aircraft were taking part in Exercise Kiwi Flag which […]

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A good start for the Boeing 747-8 Freighter

the Boeing 747-8 freighter is shoing good reliability figures

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A400M Image of the Day.jpg

High altitude testing with the Airbus A400M

From Airbus Military’s multimedia collection is this stunning image of the A400M undergoing high altitude testing at La Paz.Chosen with a passing topicality, as engine supplier Europrop International recently announced the ramp up of the aircraft’s TP400 engine production. Credit: Airbus Military

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US Navy’s future F/A-XX?

US Navy future fighter programme F/A-XX

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Space Shuttle Discovery makes final flight to museum

Credit: Stephen Trimble/Flightglobal The Space Shuttle Orbiter Discovery (OV-103) made its last ever flight today to its final rest home at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum annex near Dulles Airport, Washington D.C. Read more…

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British Airways’ first A380

Work starts on British Airways’ first A380

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EVA Hello Kitty Jet.jpg

Eva Air – more Hello Kitty lunacy

A press release from Taiwan’s favourite carrier Eva Air stumbled this way the other day, announcing it was going to paint another two of its Airbus A330s in Hello Kitty livery and increase the number of destinations served by the jets. While I quite like Eva for the sheer eye-melting cuteness of it all, I’m […]

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A350 XWB FAL Start 1.jpg

Coming together (at last) – final assembly of first A350

Much as the title suggests, Airbus’s newest airliner is slowly coming together at Toulouse and final assembly of the first aircraft has begun. Credit: Airbus

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