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Air-to-air refuelling over Iceland

A Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, deployed from RAF Mildenhall refuels a Boeing F-15C Eagle, deployed from RAF Lakenheath, while flying an alert mission exercise with the 493rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron in Iceland earlier this month. The squadron, made up of both US Air Force and NATO personnel, is fulfilling an air policing mission that assists in assuring […]

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Q400 landing at London City

Lovely image from user Hounddogone on our AirSpace gallery of a Bombardier Q400 landing at London City Airport. An approach that puts the ‘eep!’ into ’steep’.  Credit: User Hounddogone on Flightglobal/AirSpace

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Another Gripen? Don’t mind if I do

Here’s our Image of the Week – another Saab Gripen, this time operated by the Royal Thai Air Force at Chiang Mai in Thailand. The photo is on our AirSpace gallery, posted by user ApistJ. Credit: user ApisJ on 

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Swiss air force begins Gripen tests

Recently added to Saab’s website is this picture of Swiss air force pilots perform test flights with Saab Gripen E/F test aircraft. On 30 November last year the Federal Council selected Gripen E/F as the preferred candidate to replace the Swiss service’s ageing fleet of Northrop F-5E/F Tigers. This example is piloted by Lt Col Fabio […]

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Uniformed employees 1988.jpg

American Airlines goes back to the ’80s

To celebrate 30 years of flights to London Heathrow, American Airlines has released this tremendous, nay, glorious image of members of staff dating from 1988. I think it’s probably the hair – just the wrong side of boufant – that does it for us. As to whether the jet is still in service, well, it’s […]

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UPS 767.jpg

UPS takes its 50th 767 freighter

Fresh out the box at Boeing’s Everett plant is global parcel behemoth UPS’s 50th 767-300 Freighter. According to Boeing’s order figures it’s still got another nine of the type to arrive. Meanwhile its great rival, FedEx, has 27 of the cargo aircraft on order. Credit: Boeing

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sia A380.jpg

Singapore Airlines A380

Great photo from user Hounddogone on of a Singapore airlines A380 on approach to London Heathrow as the sun goes down. Credit: user Hounddogone on AirSpace

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Alaska Airlines Salmon-Thirty-Salmon is back!

Alaska airlines is reinstating its popular salmon-thirty-salmon livery

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Performance high over Austria

The Red Bull Skydive Team meets up with the Blanix Glider Team 400m above Austria

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Citation Longitude .jpg

Cessna’s latest jet – the Longitude

Fresh from its EBACE launch, here’s an image released by Cessna of its latest offering, the Citation Longitude. Very nice, if you like that sort of a thing. Credit: Cessna

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