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Lufthansa Regional climbing out of LCY

AirSpace user Flightstar posted this shot of a Lufthansa Regional Embraer 190 climbing steeply out of London City airport. Credit: Flightstar gallery on flightglobal/AirSpace

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ec175hover 1000.jpg

EC175 looking good in the Provencal sunshine

While it always seems a bit self-indulgent to feature your own photographs on a blog like this, I was lucky enough to head to Marseille earlier in the week as the guest of Eurocopter, to see a demo of its newest aircraft, the EC175. Blessed with cloudless skies and willing test pilots, the visit yielded some good shots. The […]

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Under new management

BMI aircraft, an image that is soon going to be history

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Hawaiian breeze

Hawaiian Airlines livery

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jetman rex.jpg

Jetman Yves Rossy in formation with Douglas DC-3

Pictured during a 23 June flight is Yves “Jetman” Rossy in close formation with a Douglas DC-3 over Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.The Swiss aviator dropped from an AS350 helicopter at 6,000ft and deployed the carbon-kevlar Jetwing – powered by four jet engines - which he uses his body to steer to perform the flight. The flight lasted seven […]

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ah-60 illustrious.jpg

US AH-60s landing on HMS Illustrious

Lovely picture here from the UK’s Defence Images website of a pair of US Sikorsky HH-60s carrying out deck landing practice on the Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious of the coast of Scotland earlier this year. Credit: Royal Navy

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Top shots of Blue Islands ATR gear collapse

Thanks to Graham Hocquard who runs the Jersey Airport blog for this selection of pictures from last weekend’s little incident at the Channel Island airport where an ATR 42 operated by Blue Islands suffered a collapse of its landing gear while taxiing to the gate. The aircraft in question – G-DRFC (yes, there’s a Doncaster […]

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tante ju.jpg

Tante Ju in all her glory

Posted by AirSpace user Adam Duffield, this Junkers Ju-52 (HB-HOT) operated by JU-AIR is pictured at the Saxon Air terminal at Norwich Airport. This was the first stop on a transatlantic crossing, reports Adam. Nearly 5,000 of the type were built, according to Wikipedia, with 585 assembled post-1945 in France and Spain. Credit: Adam Duffield on […]

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Falling with style – Hercules paratroop drop

Pictured on exercise are paratroopers assigned to the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division – sadly not the 101st, which would have made the headline more interesting with its ‘Screaming Eagles’ nickname – leap from the rear of a lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules earlier this month. Credit: US Air Force

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Lawks, is the apocalypse on its way?

Pictured earlier this week near Beijing is this incredible storm cloud – dwarfing the tiny aircraft in front of it. It looks as though the end of the world might be on its way… Credit: Rex Features

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