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Falling with style

It looks as though this Boeing B-52 Stratofortress may be seconds away from disaster, but we’ll assume things turned out just fine on its way in to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada last month. US Air Force

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RedArrows Hawk.jpg


A little cracker from AirSpace user sunshine band of a BAE Systems Hawk being put through its paces by the UK’s Red Arrows display team. Whoooosh, indeed. sunshine band gallery on

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From Russia with love (but they’ll make your eyes hurt)

I like Russian Helicopters, no, really I do, but however good they are, they certainly aren’t easy on the eye. OK, you can forgive the Mil Mi-28  - it’s not meant to be pretty, it’s just meant to say ‘Go away. Now.’ to whoever is at the pointy end – but the Kamov Ka-226 with […]

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Merlin Flares.jpg

Like the light from a hundred (very small) suns

Nice picture from the UK’s official Defence Images website showing an AgustaWestland Merlin helicopter from HMS Northumberland vomiting forth 100s of flares over the Indian Ocean. The Merlin is one of several Flights (in this case 05) provided by 829 Naval Air Squadron in Culdrose, Cornwall, to Type 23 frigates for operations around the globe. […]

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