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A beaut of a Scoot(er)

If this shot of a stunningly restored and US Navy-liveried Douglas A-4 Skyhawk (also nicknamed the ‘Scooter’) doesn’t take you back several decades, then nothing will. The image was taken at the concisely-titled Valiant Air Command Tico Warbird Airshow on 22 March. The event, which also included one of the final appearances by the US […]

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A400M and la Patrouille de France

I’ve no idea why this picture has just appeared on EADS’ Flickr stream as it was taken in August last year, but it is rather nice. It shows an Airbus Military A400M and the Patrouille de France display team in their Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets soaring over the mountains. EADS

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Sad scenes in Berlin

An image here from Rex Features of the fatal helicopter crash on 21 March in Berlin. One pilot was killed after the collision between a Eurocopter EC155 Dauphin and an AS332 Super Puma. The Daily Mail has a large collection of images here and also confirms its Nazi obsession with an in-no-way-in-bad-taste backgrounder on the history of […]

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So, farewell, then C-130E

Pictured on the US Air Force website is service’s last remaining Lockheed Martin C-130E as it prepares to fly off into the sunset from Hurlburt Field in Florida.  US Air Force

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Would you argue with him?

Lovely picture on our AirSpace gallery from user sunshine band of this US Army Boeing MH-47 Chinook in Afghanistan. Thank him also for the title above. According to Flightglobal’s World Air Forces directory, the US Army has a fleet of 72 of the attack helicopters. User Sunshine Band on

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MAS takes delivery of 100th A380

You may think it ugly, you may think it looks like a whale with wings, but others believe the A380 super jumbo has its own special beauty (possibly the sort that requires a stiff drink to fully appreciate). Anyway, to mark the 100th delivery Airbus has released these images showing it looking particularly well turned […]

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La premiere A320 de Air France

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic Airbus narrowbody, here’s a picture of the very first A320, taken at Düsseldorf after it completed its first revenue service from Paris. Pete Webber

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US Air Force accidently releases pic of Area 51

Top spot from my US colleague Stephen Trimble here. On the face of it, the photo – very nice though it is – shows a Lockheed Martin F-22 flying over the Nevada desert on Exercise Red Flag. So much, so what. But as Trimble points out, in the background you can clearly see the runway […]

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F-35s from below

Great image here from the US Air Force of a pair of Lockheed Martin F-35As in-bound to Nellis AFB in Nevada earlier this week, not long after the type had been cleared to return to flight after yet another grounding, this time due to a cracked engine fan blade. US Air Force

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Germany’s 100th Eurofighter

Alright, so the event happened last week, but the only picture immediately to hand was of the fighter in a hangar surrounded by bunting and flashing disco lights (I exaggerate, but you get the idea). So here, flying, is the Luftwaffe’s 100th Eurofighter. It is assigned to the country’s Boelke Fighter Bomber Wing 31 based in Noervenich. […]

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