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ANZ Mount Cook ATR 900.jpg

Mount Cook ATR 72-500 (no cracks visible)

From the FlyPHANUK gallery on Flightglobal AirSpace, here’s a great shot of one of Mount Cook Airline’s ATR 72-500s (a 1999-built airframe, ZK-MCJ) to illustrate the grounding of some of its fleet due to hairline cracks around the windows.  Credit: FlyPHANUK on Flightglobal/AirSpace

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kinshasa 747 SP.jpg

Boeing 747SP – does the SP stand for slowly perishing?

Courtesy of user Sharpshot on Flightglobal’s Airpspace image gallery, here’s a great picture of a slightly neglected Boeing 747SP. It began its life as a test aircraft for Boeing as it looked at the possibility of offering a 747SP Combi, before entering service with China Airlines in 1977. It wound up with Kinshasa in 2003 – […]

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Dreamlifter sandwiched between A380s

Today’s image of the day comes from our sister blog Flightblogger by Jon Ostrower, who says this photo (sent to him anonymously) is believed to have been taken around November 28 and shows the 747-400 LCF Dreamlifter (N780BA) sitting between Lufthansa’s first A380 (D-AIMA) and Qantas’s second A380 (VH-OQB) inside Lufthansa Technik’s Frankfurt, Germany hangar.Since […]

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GE90 Engine Undergoing Inspection

This photo of a GE90 engine accompanied our article on how a bustling engine remote diagnostics business at GE Aviation is fuelling a new family of prognostics health management (PHM) tools to further boost safety while cutting disruptions, maintenance costs and shop visit durations.The article was part of our special section on MRO Americas 2010: […]

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SIAEC Engineer in Bahrain

Bahrain is the latest Middle Eastern state to put down a marker in thethird-party MRO marketplace. The kingdom’s airline Gulf Air haswrestled with its MRO options since Bahrain’s split with formerfellow-owners, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar. In the glory days of GulfAir, maintenance was the job of Gulf Aircraft Maintenance (Gamco) inAbu Dhabi. However, shortly […]

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raf typhoon.jpg

Image of the week (15 September) RAF Typhoon

This image was uploaded by FLightglobal’s AirSpace user URANIA. 

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