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Sikorsky unveils S-97 for high-speed scout and attack helicopter contest

Building on the record-breaking X2 demonstrator, Sikorsky has launched the S-97 Raider programme to fly and test a high-speed scout and attack helicopter. The coaxial-rotor, compound helicopter, scheduled to complete first flight within 50 months, will carry weapons and troops like the Russian Mil Mi-24, but fly faster than 200kt (370km/h) in cruise, and 220kt […]

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Pratt and Whitney 747.jpg

Pratt & Whitney’s 747SP test bed

Pratt & Whitney Canada has christened its new global flight-test operations centre at Montreal Mirabel International airport. A first phase of development is designed to support testing for engines with up to 90,000lb of thrust (400kN). The centre houses two Boeing 747SPs (one of which is below) that are now flying testbeds to simulate flight […]

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Airbus A318 Sharklets.jpg

What an A318 with Sharklets looks like

Airbus has confirmed that from 2013 A318s will be available with its “Sharklet” winglets. This Flightglobal illustration by Tim Bicheno-Brown illustrated what an A318 with Sharklets will look like. The A318 will be the last model in the A320 family to receive the sharklet, which will first enter service on the A320 in 2012 with […]

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Virgin America A320 With Sharklets

At the Farnborough Airshow Virgin America announced a memorandum of understanding to purchase upwards of 60 A320s, ideally with sharklets, which the carrier previously expressed interest in.Here’s an artist’s impression of a Virgin America A320 with sharklets. (Image: Airbus)

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787 touchdown.jpg

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner touches down on UK soil for the first time

Credit: apgphoto PICTURES & VIDEO: Boeing 787 touches down for UK debut More images of the 787 landing see apgphotos in AirSpace   

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Boeing A-160T Poster Small.jpg

Boeing A160T Hummingbird UAV

Boeing hopes a series of demonstrations will prove the potential of its A160T Hummingbird unmanned helicopter to the US military Technical description and general arrangement of A160T Hummingbird UAV  

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A350-800 900 Cabin Cargo Hold Arrangements.jpg

A350-800/900 Cabin/Cargo Hold Arrangements

The A350-800′s is 10 fuselage frames shorter than the -900 (six forward and four aft) which requires changes to the geometry of section 13/14 (forward), section 16/18 (rear) and the upper shell of section 15 (centre fuselage). This reduces typical two-class seating by just over 10% to 276 passengers. Continue reading… (Source: Airbus, Graphic: Tim […]

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Dreamlifter Combi Possibility.jpg

Boeing examines 16-passenger 747 Dreamlifter ‘combi’ modification

Boeing has a long-term aim to adapt its Boeing 747 Dreamlifters as a “combi” to allow them to transport small groups of personnel in the nose section. This would enable the outsize freighter to carry up to 16 passengers on flights operating between the 787 production plants in support of the subassembly transport process. Continue reading… […]

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Honeywell Convair July 2010.jpg

Honeywell’s Convair 580 test aircraft gets a facelift

Honeywell has given its Convair 580 test aircraft a facelift to reflect the trademark red and white colour scheme of its engine/avionics manufacturer. The twin-engined turboprop – registration N580HW – is pictured at its Paine Field in Everett, Washington base where it is used to test the new avionics. The CV580 was previously decked in […]

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CSeries Aft Fuselage Demonstrator.jpg

CSeries aft fuselage demonstrator

Bombardier is assembling a composite panelled, aluminium-framed aft CSeries fuselage section demonstrator at its Saint-Laurent facility in Montreal. The plant will be responsible for full fabrication of the twinjet’s forward and aft fuselage. Although the majority of the CSeries fuselage is fabricated from advanced alloys, the rear section aft of the cabin incorporates composite panels. […]

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