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Airbus A380 wake vortex_edited-1.jpg

UK authorities to revise Airbus A380 wake vortex separation standards

Picture credit: Max Kingsley Jones UK authorities are to revise certain Airbus A380 wake vortex separation standards after concluding that further examination of operational issues is needed. Read on…

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Cessna name change.jpg

Cessna renames piston singles

Cessna has renamed its Cessna 350 and 400 piston singles the 350 Corvalis and 400 Corvalis TT (twin turbocharged) (pictured) to reflect the nomenclature of its existing light aircraft product line. Read on…

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Air France A380 almost ready for maiden flight

The new year has brought MSN033, the first A380 for Air France (European launch customer), out to the flightline in Toulouse yesterday. Read more from our own FlightBlogger….

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VIDEO: Dreamliner One gets some air

Actually this is a still taken from a video of Dreamliner One coming out of Building 40-26. To find out more see FlightBlogger’s latest post…. Check out the progress by comparing April 08′s outing…

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Honeywell 757-200 test aircraft


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The future in green airliners?

A double-deck 72.2m (237ft)-span swept wing passenger jet with two aft mounted Rolls-Royce Trent-like engines and an altitude ceiling of 55,000ft (16,700m) has been proposed as a more environmentally friendly airliner by a group of former UK aerospace engineers, calling their project Stratos. Read more about Stratos… and if you want more images of future aviation […]

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Sally B grounded until 2009

The B-17 affectionately known as Sally B has been grounded until 2009 due to engine trouble. The air show stalwart will not appear at any UK shows this year until its engines have been repaired. To read the full story click here

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