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Lawks, is the apocalypse on its way?

Pictured earlier this week near Beijing is this incredible storm cloud – dwarfing the tiny aircraft in front of it. It looks as though the end of the world might be on its way… Credit: Rex Features

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The Solar Impulse aircraft arrives at Le Bourget Airport

  Photo credit: Mario Fourmy/ABACAPRESS.COM One of the biggest attractions of the Paris air show, the sun-powered Solar Impulse, has arrived in Le Bourget at its second attempt, after a 16h 5min flight from Brussels. The prototype, which is powered by batteries charged by the sun, will be on display at the show, where – […]

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AOM DC-10 Chateauroux.jpg

AOM DC-10 being scrapped

Here’s an AOM DC-10 being scrapped in France at Chateauroux, who took the photo. This week in our publication Flight International we’re looking at how airlines can better manage scrapyard waste.

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FINT 11-17 Jan 2011.jpg

Aircraft graveyard on the cover of Flight International 11-17 Jan as we look at how to recycle old jets

A scene uncommon at airports but frequent at scrapyards–a DC-10 nose upright–is on the cover of this week’s Flight International magazine for our feature article: aviation under pressure to reduce landfill waste from scrapped airliners. The DC-10 is seen as Chateauroux Air Centre in France and photographed by the scrapyard.Also featured this week are: Is […]

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Southwest 737

Southwest 737

Southwest Airlines plans to officially start using wide-scale required navigation performance on 11 January on its 737 fleet (a -700 variant is seen below). RNP allows aircraft to fly more direct and precise paths to cut flight time and fuel consumption. It also enables the use of localiser performance with vertical guidance procedures that require […]

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Fuel cell Antares.jpg

Antares DLR-H2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered

German aerospace technology centre DLR showed off a range of advanced projects – but none so “blue sky” as the Antares DLR-H2 motor glider, with its world-first capability to take off using only the power from its hydrogen fuel cell. Continue reading… (Photo: Billypix)

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Falcon 20E Ash hunter.jpg

Falcon 20E sports ‘ash hunter’ trim

Fresh from its deployment to investigate Eyjafjallajökull’s atmospheric impact, a Dassault Falcon 20E “ash hunter” aircraft belonging to German aerospace centre DLR is on display at the show – with “100 years of the ILA” emblazoned on its nose. Amid aviation’s volcanic crisis the aircraft was deployed to measure ash concentrations at altitudes of between […]

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DA-42 Biofuel.jpg

EADS Flies DA42 On Algae Biofuel

Airbus parent EADS is to make an environmental breakthrough at ILA by flying an aircraft powered by a biofuel composed purely of algae. The daily flights will be conducted using a Diamond DA42 New Generation light twin powered by Austro Engine AE300s. As a result of algae’s higher energy content, fuel burn will be 1.5 […]

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HISAC General Layout.jpg

General layout of the low sonic-boom HISAC

In May 2005 the European Union began funding its €26 million ($35.2 million) Environmentally Friendly High Speed Aircraft, or HISAC, project that had the same ultimate goal – to discover how to create a business jet that could halve transatlantic flight times and be environmentally friendly.After five years of work, the final HISAC report found […]

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Volcanic Ash Affects Airlines (In Case You Didn’t Hear)

You may have seen photos of that most unpronounceable volcano or airport departure boards listing nothing but CANCELLED, but here’s an interesting look at another side of the ash spewing over Europe.AirSpace user flame captured this photo of Ryanair 737-800s with their engines wrapped up to protect them from being exposed to ash. Some airlines […]

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