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G120TP FINT 1-7 Feb 2011.jpg

G120TP on cover of Flight International 1-7 Feb as we flight test the craft

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International sports an air-to-air photo of the G120TP, supplied by Grob Aircraft, to mark our flight test report of the G120TP by pilot Peter Collins.Also featured this week are: Aero India show preview: Big tuns target aviation’s most dynamic market Neuron on track: Europe’s unmanned combat concept begins to take shape […]

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T-6C FINT 25 Jan 2011.jpg

Morocco’s first T-6C trainers head for home

Morocco’s first four Beechcraft T-6C trainers departed the manufacturer’s Wichita site in Kansas on 14 January for their delivery to the African nation. Each flown by two Hawker Beechcraft pilots, the aircraft were transferred carrying their Royal Moroccan Air Force markings. The nation – the first to have acquired the T-6C – will eventually receive […]

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Will Cessna’s new single-prop type look like a Mustang?

Cessna will introduce “not immediately, but in the near future” a new single-engined turboprop that fill a product gap between the company’s 235kt (435km/h) piston-powered 400 Corvalis TT and the 340kt Mustang twin-engined very light jet, says president Jack Pelton. Pelton dropped hints about the new model, rumoured to look like a Mustang (below) with […]

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Falcon 20E Ash hunter.jpg

Falcon 20E sports ‘ash hunter’ trim

Fresh from its deployment to investigate Eyjafjallajökull’s atmospheric impact, a Dassault Falcon 20E “ash hunter” aircraft belonging to German aerospace centre DLR is on display at the show – with “100 years of the ILA” emblazoned on its nose. Amid aviation’s volcanic crisis the aircraft was deployed to measure ash concentrations at altitudes of between […]

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Extra EA-300L

Image of the Week: Extra EA-300L

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user flyer1. His photo depicts an Extra EA-300L taken at Shoreham Air Show in Sussex on 23 August 2009. Flyer1, Martin Dighton, says of the photo: Justyn Gorman, owner and pilot, is known for his low flying skills: […]

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Kodiak to Haiti.jpg

Kodiak on a Mission to Haiti

Mission Aviation Fellowship has despatched its Quest Kodiak single-engined turboprop and four pilots to join three of MAF’s other aircraft in the relief effort in Haiti. The deployment is the first use of this aircraft in disaster reliefwork, says MAF, which has four Kodiaks in service and a further 14 onorder. Continue reading… For more […]

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Beechcraft King Air 350i_Beechcraft.jpg

FAA and EASA certification for King Air 350i

Hawker Beechcraft has received US Federal Aviation Administration and European Aviation Safety Agency type certifications for its new Beechcraft King Air 350i turboprop. Launched in late 2008, the $6.6 million twin includes Rockwell Collins’ new Venue cabin management system in its lower-noise, LED-lit cabin. Continue reading… (credit: Hawker Beechcraft)

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Phenom 300.jpg

USA gives green light to Phenom 300

Embraer has clinched US certification for its Phenom 300light business jet less than two weeks after the Brazilian civilaviation authority ANAC granted type and production certification forthe $8.14 million, seven-seat aircraft. Read more… (Photo: Embraer)

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Solar Impulse.jpg

Solar Impulse makes 350m hop

Usually on Monday we feature the Image of the Week from our AirSpace community. Due to this week’s cover featuring the top image of the year, there is no Image of the Week. Check back tomorrow for the results of the top photos from AirSpace.Using battery power, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA made its first flightwith […]

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Cessna offers finance for new propeller-driven types

In an attempt to boost sales of its propeller-driven aircraft, Cessna‘s sister company Cessna Finance is offering a new finance programme to owners who purchase its piston and turboprop-powered aircraft this year. Read more….

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