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CSeries Aft Fuselage Demonstrator.jpg

CSeries aft fuselage demonstrator

Bombardier is assembling a composite panelled, aluminium-framed aft CSeries fuselage section demonstrator at its Saint-Laurent facility in Montreal. The plant will be responsible for full fabrication of the twinjet’s forward and aft fuselage. Although the majority of the CSeries fuselage is fabricated from advanced alloys, the rear section aft of the cabin incorporates composite panels. […]

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CSeries Wing Testing June 2010.jpg

Bombardier Prepares To Test CSeries Wing

Ultimate load testing on the CSeries’ carbonfibre wing demonstrator, meanwhile, will occur in the coming days. However, Bombardier has opted not to go past ultimate load testing and break the wing, as originally intended. Continue reading…

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Sukhoi Superjet Water Injection Test.jpg

Sukhoi Superjet Completes Water Ingestion Tests

The Sukhoi Superjet 100 has completed runway water ingestion trials at the company’s test centre in Zhukovsky near Moscow. The tests using Superjet MSN 95003 confirmed that the aircraft’s two PowerJet SaM146 engines and auxiliary power unit continued to operate normally while travelling along the wet runway at a full range of speeds preceding take-off. […]

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A350-1000 Key Changes Over -900.jpg

Key Changes of A350-1000 Over -900

Airbus is working to reach the design freeze for the largestA350 variant, the -1000, in the middle of this year and has revealed that the stretched aircraft will feature a slightly larger wing the -800/900 models. The 369-seat -1000, which has an 11-frame stretch over the -900, is due to enter service at the end of 2015. […]

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CSeries Wing Test

Testing on Bombardier‘s full-scale pre-production demonstrator wing for the CSeries has begun at the airframer’s Belfast plant. Using test data from the demonstrator, Bombardier intends to “optimise the design of the actual CSeries aircraft production wing”, says Michael Ryan, vice-president and general manager, Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast. Continue reading… (Photo: Bombardier)

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Flight International 13-19 April 2010.jpg

Flight International 13-19 April: Fokker’s Fightback

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International has a special report on the Fokker’s fight back and how the re-invented Dutch manufacturer is leading the Benelux aerospace charge.The cover image is of an Austrian Arrows Fokker 100 departing from Innsbruck. It was taken by photographer Peter Unmuth.Also featured in this issue are: DSA Preview — […]

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New Engine Nacelle Technology Comparison.jpg

Comparison of Comac C919 and conventional engine nacelle assembly

While officials from China’s Comac maintained a relativelyconservative stance when selecting design features for their new150-passenger single-aisle C919 airliner, they made at least onesignificant exception – picking a new company to wrap sometantalisingly new but unproven technologies around the aircraft’s twoCFM International Leap X1C engines. The new company wasNexcelle, a joint venture between Aircelle, a Safran […]

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Dornier 228 Cockpit.jpg

Ruag assembles first Dornier 228 New Generation

Ruag is close to completing final assembly of the first new-build Dornier228 New Generation 19-seat turboprop at its factory inOberpfaffenhofen, Germany. The aircraft, the first 228 to roll off theGerman line since 1997, will be delivered to an undisclosed Japaneseairline. Continue reading… (Photo: Andrew Doyle/Flightglobal)

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Flight International 23 Feb 1 March 2010.jpg

Flight International 23 Feb-1 March: Biofuels Flower Power

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International reviews biofuels. They could be the answer to aviation’s carbon concerns, but will governments help with their development?(For insight to this week’s cover decision, read an entry about it on Flight International editor Murdo Morrison’s new blog.)Also featured are:Middle East MRO: Region’s players are extending their radiusGeared Gamble: With […]

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Hydraulics: so last century

With the rise in lightweight and reliable electric gadgetsthroughout our homes – and even on our persons – the idea that machinesshould need heavy pumps and fluids applying great forces to move metalseems Dickensian, as anachronistic as steam engines. But for aircraft engineers, replacing hydraulic control surface andlanding gear actuation systems with electric ones is […]

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