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X-47B under the covers

Great image from Rex here of the Northrop Grumman X-47B on board the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush ahead of its successful maiden carrier flight. Rex Features

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More Photos to Help Identify

Last week I asked readers to help identify photos from our archive that we do not know much about. The replies were so helpful I thought I would ask again this week with different photos!These photos are missing information about what type of aircraft is depicted, the location, or year (or sometimes two or more […]

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Help Identify These Photos

Normally on this blog I show images and give a description, but today I’ve trawled through Flight’s collection of unidentified flying objec…err, photos. These photos are missing information about what type of aircraft is depicted, the location, and year.Here are three. Do you know anything about them? If so, leave a comment or follow the […]

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It’s snow joke for Heathrow and the UK

Credit:INS News Agency Ltd./Rex Features Europe has experienced heavy snowfall over the last few days, with the UK receiving its heaviest amount for 18 years.The treacherous conditions were highlighted by this Cypus Airways A330, which slipped off the taxiway at Heathrow airport. Many airports have had to cancel or seriously delay services with flights only […]

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BAE Aerospatiale Concorde

Would a Concorde be your transatlantic aircraft of choice? For many of you it seems to be , if the current Flightglobal poll is to be believed!This picture, taken from our 2008 collection of JP Airlines Fleet images, highlights that over 50% of you (at the time of posting) would prefer to take a transatlantic […]

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Fighter jets under snow

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s flight deck in New York’s first winter snow of 2008.

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contrails 28-9-08.JPG

Contrails in the European sky

© Polly Thisdell Safety and Operations editor David Learmount analyses whether existing air traffic management policies need to be implemented better to improve roueting efficiencies in the sky

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Flight International front cover competition 2008 is launched

This year’s Flight International competition begins again today, offering you the chance to get your favourite image onto the front cover of Flight International magazine.Read how you can enter and some tips on what we are looking for this year.

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NASA Experimental Aircraft

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Hooters Air

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