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Tolkein-themed jets are Hobbit forming

The latest of Air New Zealand’s fleet to get a Tolkein-themed makeover is this Boeing 777-300ER, which has been plastered with a 54m-long rendering of the dragon Smaug from The Hobbit book, ahead of the release of the second film in the trilogy later this month. The twinjet has since made its debut flight post-painting […]

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SkyTeam guessing game

Xiamen Airlines joined the SkyTeam alliance this morning and on the back of this, the grouping has released the charming image below. To while away ten minutes, why not see if you can identify which airline each stewardess works for? We managed about half of them, but the plethora of identical blue uniforms had us a […]

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jetman rex.jpg

Jetman Yves Rossy in formation with Douglas DC-3

Pictured during a 23 June flight is Yves “Jetman” Rossy in close formation with a Douglas DC-3 over Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.The Swiss aviator dropped from an AS350 helicopter at 6,000ft and deployed the carbon-kevlar Jetwing – powered by four jet engines - which he uses his body to steer to perform the flight. The flight lasted seven […]

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Uniformed employees 1988.jpg

American Airlines goes back to the ’80s

To celebrate 30 years of flights to London Heathrow, American Airlines has released this tremendous, nay, glorious image of members of staff dating from 1988. I think it’s probably the hair – just the wrong side of boufant – that does it for us. As to whether the jet is still in service, well, it’s […]

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GLD-125800 copyright G Lee BA.jpg

British Airways going for gold

To celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Games and being the Official Air Travel Partner and Carrier What’s Really Quite British and Everything. BA has produced this gold-festooned Airbus. No, we don’t know why they’ve done a dove either (and it took us some time to work out they were feathers down the side, not the results of […]

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air berlin xmas.jpg

Happy Christmas from (for?) Air Berlin

Having recently secured a multi-million cash boost from Etihad Airways – and probably made its immediate future safe – we’re sure that Air Berlin, the carrier behind this festive Boeing 737-800, is celebrating the holiday period with an extra spring in its lederhosen. The aircraft ws snapped at Berlin Tegel earlier this month. Credit: AirTeamImages

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hello kitty.jpg

Hello Kitty!

I’ve been looking for pictures of this Hello Kitty-themed Airbus A330-300 for a few weeks now and I can see it repelling as many as it draws in. Anyway, thank you to Taiwan’s EVA Air for doing this, it’s made the world a more day-glo place. No cats were harmed during its production. Probably. Credit: AirTeamImages

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lego osprey.jpg

Like an Osprey, but made of knobbly plastic blocks

Because it’s friday and because of the sheer amount of effort that’s gone into building it – here’s an example of what you can do with lego if you put your mind to it. In this case, a pretty detailed reproduction of a Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey. Credit: Mad physicist photostream on Flickr For more of […]

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Cover your eyes – Peach Aviation reveals its uniforms

Something different for a change. ANA’s low cost subsidiary Peach Aviation (which apparently is a hideously contrived accronym along the lines of Pan-Asian, Energetic, Affordable, Cute & Cool, Happy – which, to my mind at least, spells out PAEACCH) has revealed the uniforms to be worn by cabin crew when it starts operations in March […]

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Endurance race horses from Ukraine arrive in UK by An-12

Endurance horses arrived at Cambridge Airport in the UK on an Antonov An-12 freighter. It is the first time long distance endurance horses have arrived, bound for Newmarket racecourse, and on such a heavy aircraft. The aircraft, which is owned by Ukranian company Meridian Airlines and chartered by chartered by Intradco, a bloodstock air transportation specialist, arrived from Nimes, France with […]

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