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Caption competition: Pilot lands Fokker Dreidecker aircraft on nose

Picture copyright Rex Features  Pilot lands Fokker Dreidecker aircraft on its nose at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK on 12 July 2011. Upon landing, the WW1 fighter aircraft was forced onto its nose after a sudden gust of wind. Philip Tyler, an aircraft enthusiast and photographer said: “The Dreidecker did a display to show the sort of fighting that […]

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KLM tiled 777.jpg

KLM unveils 777 sporting faces on delft-style tiles

Photo: KLM KLM has unveiled the Boeing 777-200 adorned with mini delft-style tiles created from people submitting their picture to the airline’s project on Facebook. (Click on the image above for a larger and detailed look.)In April KLM invited its Facebook fans to submit a profile picture to be featured on the fuselage of its […]

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A380 strikes and spins CRJ700

Today’s image of the day comes from our sister blog Flight International, which compiled this mosaic from low-def film footage showing an Air France A380′s wingtip striking a Delta Connection CRJ700 at New York Kennedy, causing the CRJ700 to rotate nearly 90 degrees.Click here for more info, pictures, and the full video.

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US Airways a320 in musuem.gif

US Airways A320 Flight 1549 spends final days in museum

The US Airways Airbus A320 Flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson River west of New York City after a departure from LaGuardia Airport in the afternoon of 15 January 2009. The aircraft is currently on its way to being a permanent feature Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read John Croft’s article….    

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PICTURES & VIDEO: Virgin Atlantic celebrating 10 years of flying to Las Vegas in burlesque style

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese helped Sir Richard Branson celebrate Virgin Atlantic’s 10th anniversary of flying to Las Vegas. Dita has been immortalised as a one-off Las Vegas-inspired flying lady on the nose of a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400. Dita and Sir Richard posed for pictures at Las Vegas McCarran Airport yesterday. See the videos below. The […]

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Sabreliner pitstop macau.jpg

PICTURES & VIDEO: Round the world record beaten in Sabreliner

Picture credit: Fanny Eternod (L-R) Flavien Guderzo (co-pilot), Tom Zorman (mission control), Riccardo Mortara (mission commander / captain) and Gabriel Mortara (co-captain)   Italian pilot Riccardo Mortara has set the world record for the fastest round the world flight in his 30-year-old Sabreliner. They had to add a 12th leg to their trip, after plans to land […]

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The Most Informative 737 Ever

There have been multiple efforts to educate passengers about flying. ICAO has hosted conferences about the fears of flying and Virgin Atlantic has an iPhone app to explain different phases of a flight.But I’ve never seen quite an effort as South African LCC Kulula has carried out. Readers of the Airline Business blog may remember […]

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Image of the week: Guinot wingwalkers from user Aviatorlady

This image of Guinot wing walkers on a 1940s biplane, a Yak, was taken by AirSpace user Aviatorlady at the World Aerobatic Championships 2009. I found the Guinot wing walkers on the web. How much fun would it be….? More from Aviatiorlady 

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VIDEO & PICTURE: World’s largest aircraft, An-225, emerges to set new lift record

  Ukraine’s Antonov An-225 has emerged from an overhaul in Kiev to claim a record airlift at Frankfurt Hahn Airport. Antonov Airlines’ An-225 is the sole example of the heavy-lift freighter, the world’s largest operational aircraft. Continue reading and watch a video of the aircraft taxiing at Hahn Airport… From the archive – Antonov’s Dream realised: […]

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Apollo Landing and Quarantine

40 years ago today Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, completing its historical mission.Time to celebrate, right?Unfortunately not.Out of fear of astronauts bringing “unheard-of” diseases back to Earth, US public authorities imposed a 21-day quarantine on all returning astronauts. They were confined to the “Lunar Receiving Laboratory” in Houston that featured, amongst other […]

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