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Lightning the darkness

A little cracker here from our AirSpace forum taken by regular contributor Sunshine Band. It shows a beautifully lit English Electric LIghtning at Newark Air Museum in the UK. Nice. Sunshine Band

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Retro-look Alitalia A321

Another cracking shot from AirSpace forum user Hounddogone, this time of an Alitalia A321 at London Heathrow, proudly sporting its retro livery. Hounddogone

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cranwell spitfire.jpg

A Spitfire, resting

User sunshine band posted this lovely shot of a Supermarine Spitfire to our AirSpace site. Nice, eh? User sunshine band on

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British engineering at its finest…

Alright, I’m stretching the description a bit, but there is some UK content on Lockheed Martin’s F-35 you just have to squint abit to see it and it’s stood next to the greatest fighter of World War II made by those fine folks at Supermarine in Eastleigh. And yes, I’m aware this blog is starting […]

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More retro goodness, this time from Air Malta

I know, it’s developing into a little bit of an obsession, I guess I’m just a sucker for a retro livery. So, taken from Flightglobal’s AirSpace forum, courtesy of user Flightstar, is this picture of a retro-liveried Airbus A320 operated by Air Malta. Credit: Flightstar gallery on Flightglobal/AirSpace 

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Retro lovliness from Condor

Cracking shot from Marcel Vöse in Germany of a Boeing 767-300 operated by leisure carrier Condor in a new retro livery (if that isn’t oxymoronic). Marcel writes: “On Monday 30th July this had just left the paintshop at Air Livery for a two-hour testflight back to Manchester.” The 767 carries the registration EI-CRF and was formerly operated by […]

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aussie fighter.jpg

F-111 on tour Down Under

Although Australia has had a little bit of a difficult relationship with its retired General Dynamics F-111Cs of late – most notably burying a whole bunch of them in a landfill – it has retained one of its Aardvarks for posterity. Pictured here is aircraft A8-142 on a road trip from RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland, […]

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iran air 727.jpg

Iran Air’s Boeing 727

A trip up to London yesterday and a walk along Picadilly took me past the window of Iran Air’s office (sadly in the process of moving to Hammersmith Road). Displayed in said window was a model of a Boeing 747 in the old seventies livery. Although I was unable to find a picture of one […]

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Rare good news for the F-35 with Japan win

The Lockheed Martin F-35 gets a lot of bad press: programme delays, flight test woes, cost overruns, budget scrutiny… the list is depressingly long. All that, of course, obscures what a piece of work the JSF is. Now it’s got a rare piece of good news with Japan’s decision to pick it to replace its aging F-4 […]

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Caption competition: Pilot lands Fokker Dreidecker aircraft on nose

Picture copyright Rex Features  Pilot lands Fokker Dreidecker aircraft on its nose at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK on 12 July 2011. Upon landing, the WW1 fighter aircraft was forced onto its nose after a sudden gust of wind. Philip Tyler, an aircraft enthusiast and photographer said: “The Dreidecker did a display to show the sort of fighting that […]

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