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BA 777 LHR Incident

BA 777 LHR Incident

Carriers are on track to complete, within six months, modificationof nearly 1,900 Trent engines considered vulnerable to the fuel icingwhich brought down a British Airways Boeing 777-200ER two years ago. UK investigators have formally concluded that flight BA038 fromBeijing crashed on approach to London Heathrow after a highly-unusualset of circumstances conspired to restrict the fuel […]

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Ethiopian 737 Route from BEY.jpg

Ethiopian 737 failed to maintain correct heading before crash

Preliminary information about the final few minutes of yesterday’s ill-fated Ethiopian Airlinesflight out of Beirut indicates that the aircraft was struggling tocomply with air traffic control instructions to change heading. The Boeing 737-800,bound for Addis Ababa as flight ET409, departed towards the south fromBeirut’s runway 21 in darkness, but initial information suggests thatthe jet first […]

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Flight Internation cover – 12-18 January 2010

  This week’s cover image was designed by Flightglobal designer Chris Eyles. He created a montage of avaition security-related images, a version of which also appears in Flightglobal’s cover feature: Stalled airline safety needs new action to advance  

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Cougar S-92.jpg

FAA to mirror EASA S92 emergency directive

The US Federal Aviation Administration plans issue an airworthinessdirective calling on Sikorsky S-92 operators to repetitively inspectthe helicopter’s main gearbox mounting feet for cracks, defects thatcould lead to gearbox detachment and loss of control of the helicopter. More…

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Lockheed Martin

F-22 crash casts new spotlight on Auto-GCAS technology

  The US Air Force has decided against funding a readily available technology that is supposed to prevent crashes like the one that recently killed a Lockheed Martin test pilot flying an F-22 Raptor. Continue reading…

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c-130 crash indonesia.jpg

Indonesian C-130 crashes killing more than 78

An Indonesian military Lockheed C-130 crashed in east Java today and latest reports say the death toll is 78. Continue reading…

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Pilatus PC12.jpg

Pilatus PC12

Pilatus Aircraft has joined the US National Transportation Safety Board-led investigation into the cause of a crash on 22 March of a PC-12 in Butte, Montana. Continue reading… This image Pilatus PC-12/45. The picture was taken at Genk/Zwartberg airfield, Belgium EBZW last October and uploaded to AirSpace user JMJMC.OVERSTEYNS’ gallery. Flight test of the Pilatus PC12  […]

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Fedex Narita aerial.jpg

FedEx MD-11 crashes at Narita

Japanese television has posted a video of a FedEx cargo aircraft crashing and burning after having landing troubles at the Narita International Airport Monday morning around 0700h. Continue reading…

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Apollo Avocoat.jpg

NASA’s Orion heat shield decision expected this month

  One of the greatest engineering challenges in spaceflight is to protect a spacecraft from the searing heat of re-entry, as the fate of the Space Shuttle Columbia so tragically illustrated. So, one of the most intriguing technical twists in NASA’s planning for its return-to-the-Moon Constellation programme may come later this month when the US […]

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Turkish Airlines.jpg

News as it happens… Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 breaks up on landing at Schiphol International

Rescuers have yet to clarify any casualty figures after a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft crashed on approach to Amsterdam Schiphol. Continue reading…    

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