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Chateauroux AC 1.JPG

Bazilian DC-10 being scrapped in France

Here’s a photo of a Brazilian DC-10 being scrapped in France at Chateauroux, who also took the photo.We’re looking at scrapyards and how aviation can better manage the waste from scrapped jetliners.

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AOM DC-10 Chateauroux.jpg

AOM DC-10 being scrapped

Here’s an AOM DC-10 being scrapped in France at Chateauroux, who took the photo. This week in our publication Flight International we’re looking at how airlines can better manage scrapyard waste.

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FINT 11-17 Jan 2011.jpg

Aircraft graveyard on the cover of Flight International 11-17 Jan as we look at how to recycle old jets

A scene uncommon at airports but frequent at scrapyards–a DC-10 nose upright–is on the cover of this week’s Flight International magazine for our feature article: aviation under pressure to reduce landfill waste from scrapped airliners. The DC-10 is seen as Chateauroux Air Centre in France and photographed by the scrapyard.Also featured this week are: Is […]

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Boeing 737AEW&C

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