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747-8I with Eiffel Tower.jpg

#PAS11: 747-8I with Eiffel Tower

The Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental is making its international debut here at the Paris Air Show and Jon Ostrower, editor of Flightblogger, captured this photo showing the aircraft arriving at Le Bourget with Paris’s iconic building in the background.

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Marshalling 748F.jpg

Mashaling a 747-8 freighter

Today’s image of the day depicts a ground worker marshaling Boeing’s–and the world’s–newest freighter aircraft, the 747-8. The aircraft is part of our focus in this week’s article on evaluating the world’s largest commercial jets.Boeing’s new 747-8F freighter made its maiden flight on 8 February, with captains Mark Feuerstein and Tom Imrich at the controls. […]

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Dreamlifter Combi Possibility.jpg

Boeing examines 16-passenger 747 Dreamlifter ‘combi’ modification

Boeing has a long-term aim to adapt its Boeing 747 Dreamlifters as a “combi” to allow them to transport small groups of personnel in the nose section. This would enable the outsize freighter to carry up to 16 passengers on flights operating between the 787 production plants in support of the subassembly transport process. Continue reading… […]

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Cargolux 747-400

Comparison of Old and New Cargolux Livery

Boeing has released this image of the first 747-8 to wear a customer’s livery, in this case for launch customer Cargolux. (All previous 747-8s have had a simple white livery applied.) This is the first aircraft to bear Cargolux’s new livery, which features a red background on the tail that continues, along with a blue […]

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Boeing 747-8

Boeing unveils a new berth for 747

Boeing has partnered with Greenpoint Technologies to offer sleeper berths and lounges for 747-8 VIP operators, announcing orders to outfit four aircraft.

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