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Two giants meet

An Air france A380 and a China Airlines Boeing 747 side by side at LAX

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Airbus prepares to transport first A350 upper wing-cover

Picture credit: Airbus  Airbus is preparing to transport the first A350 upper wing-cover from Germany to the airframer’s main wing facility in the UK. It has loaded the upper cover, manufactured at its Stade plant, onto one of its A300-600ST freighters for transit to Broughton over the next few days. Continue reading…

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Cathay pacific a350-900.jpg

A350 final assembly to begin “before end 2011″

Airbus has indicated a schedule slip for A350 development, no longer identifying the third quarter of 2011 as the date for commencing final assembly, instead stating only that it will begin before the end of the year. Continue reading…

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A350-800 900 Cabin Cargo Hold Arrangements.jpg

A350-800/900 Cabin/Cargo Hold Arrangements

The A350-800′s is 10 fuselage frames shorter than the -900 (six forward and four aft) which requires changes to the geometry of section 13/14 (forward), section 16/18 (rear) and the upper shell of section 15 (centre fuselage). This reduces typical two-class seating by just over 10% to 276 passengers. Continue reading… (Source: Airbus, Graphic: Tim […]

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Pic - flotation bags - NPIS - Aero Sekur - PR Res. ASPR246.jpg

Aero Sekur’s Package for Helicopter Survival

The Farnborough Airshow, the industry’s largest event, is only a few weeks away but here’s one sight to look forward to: Aero Sekur will display what it calls “integrated package for helicopter survival”.Here’s a photo from Aero Sekur:The company explains: The shock absorption/flotation system concept that will be previewed at the show isdesigned to increase […]

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Fuel cell Antares.jpg

Antares DLR-H2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered

German aerospace technology centre DLR showed off a range of advanced projects – but none so “blue sky” as the Antares DLR-H2 motor glider, with its world-first capability to take off using only the power from its hydrogen fuel cell. Continue reading… (Photo: Billypix)

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A330 MRTT Fuel Tank Arrangement.jpg

A330 MRTT Fuel Tank Arrangement

To enter delayed service from late this year, Australia’s new tanker/transports are equipped with an EADS advanced boom refuelling system and a Cobham 905E hose and drogue pod under each wing. Certification work should conclude around mid-year. Continue reading about the A330 MRTT here… (Source: Airbus, Image: Flightglobal artist Tim Bicheno-Brown)

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AVX Conversion Process.jpg

AVX Conversion Process of OH-58D Kiowa Warrior

AVX Aircraft is targeting helicopter and non-helicopter prime contractors to sell the Fort Worth, Texas-based start-up’s coaxial rotor and dual ducted fan concept for the US Army, AVX founder Troy Gaffey confirms. Gaffey, a retired chief engineer of Bell Helicopter, is seeking partners to launch the project in advance of a potential competition to replace the […]

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AV Roe Avro No1 triplane.jpg

A.V. Roe beside Avro No.1 triplane

This image appeared in the New Year’s Day edition of Flight on this day 100 years ago. The image shows aviation pioneer A.V. Roe posing beside his Avro No.1 Triplane powered by a 24h.p. Antoinette engine. See more images from our Archive of Images in AirSpace – Historical Pre 1914  

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nazi bi plane.jpg

Image of the week: Bucker Jungman taken by user Jameister

This week’s Image of the Week is, according to AirSpace user Jameister, a Bucker Jungman, performing a flyby at Old Warden. In a Flight article in 1940 we wrote: “the standard R.A.F. machines for primary instruction (D.H. Tiger Moth and Miles Magister) [has] no more than 130 h.p. Germany, [while] a Bucker Jungman utilises even less power (80 […]

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