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“One small step… one giant leap for mankind…”

At 20.17 GMT Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon’s surface. He took this picture of Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, the second man on the Moon. See how Flight International reported the event… Flightglobal’s Apollo @ 40 page Flightglobal’s coverage from Flight International magazine from last week and from 1969 

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NASA’s Orion heat shield decision expected this month

  One of the greatest engineering challenges in spaceflight is to protect a spacecraft from the searing heat of re-entry, as the fate of the Space Shuttle Columbia so tragically illustrated. So, one of the most intriguing technical twists in NASA’s planning for its return-to-the-Moon Constellation programme may come later this month when the US […]

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NASA plans son of Saturn V

NASA has detailed its plans to spend at least $68 million until 2013 on the development of the largest rocket ever, its proposed Ares V cargo launch vehicle (CaLV) that will send the USA back to the Moon by 2020. Taller and more powerful than the Apollo programme’s Saturn V launcher, with a gross lift-off […]

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Gold-nosed Boeing 747 carrying team GB

The GB Olympics team lands back at London Heathrow following a successful Beijing Olympic Games in a specially painted gold-nosed British Airways Boeing 747.

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Air China Airbus A330 Olympic Livery

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