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Salmon-Thirty-Salmon – enough to give your children nightmares

I know it’s meant to represent the abiding love afair between Alaska and a type of fish, but really, if you saw this giant piscine image looming at you through the window of an aircraft or terminal building then you’d run away screaming. Anyway, Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II - as Alaska airlines is calling its nightmare-provoking Boeing 737-800 – landed […]

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bmi1 - Copy.JPG

Bye-bye BMIbaby

With low-cost carrier BMIbaby undertaking its last flight on Sunday, its fleet has now been moved to Norwich airport before the aircraft head off to their next destination. Thanks to former BMIbaby Captain Chris Wakes for the image. Credit: Chris Wakes

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air berlin xmas.jpg

Happy Christmas from (for?) Air Berlin

Having recently secured a multi-million cash boost from Etihad Airways – and probably made its immediate future safe – we’re sure that Air Berlin, the carrier behind this festive Boeing 737-800, is celebrating the holiday period with an extra spring in its lederhosen. The aircraft ws snapped at Berlin Tegel earlier this month. Credit: AirTeamImages

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southwest 737max 900.jpg

The inevitable Southwest 737 Max pic

And there I was thinking the aircraft orders might start calming down before Christmas… still, it’s only a $19 billion order for a total of 208 aircraft and is the first firm order for the 737 Max and the largest firm order in Boeing’s history… not much happening really…. still, here’s how the 737 Max […]

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737 reengine 900.jpg

Re-engined 737 gets Boeing board approval

Probably the most predictable news of the week - Boeing has given the go-ahead for the launch of its re-engined 737. If the rendered pics reveal anything it’s that the new version of the twinjet has the same sculpted nacelles as the 787 and that Boeing is dropping the 700/800/900 designation in favour of the -7/8/9 […]

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STS135 Southwest-2.jpg

Final Space Shuttle seen launching from 737 during cruise

Chad Graff has shared these pictures showing STS-135, the final Space Shuttle mission, lifting off from Cape Canaveral, as viewed mid-flight on a Southwest service.Graff says his brother took the photos en route to Miami.Credit: @ChadGraff/Twitpic

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The Most Informative 737 Ever

There have been multiple efforts to educate passengers about flying. ICAO has hosted conferences about the fears of flying and Virgin Atlantic has an iPhone app to explain different phases of a flight.But I’ve never seen quite an effort as South African LCC Kulula has carried out. Readers of the Airline Business blog may remember […]

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Ethiopian 737 Route from BEY.jpg

Ethiopian 737 failed to maintain correct heading before crash

Preliminary information about the final few minutes of yesterday’s ill-fated Ethiopian Airlinesflight out of Beirut indicates that the aircraft was struggling tocomply with air traffic control instructions to change heading. The Boeing 737-800,bound for Addis Ababa as flight ET409, departed towards the south fromBeirut’s runway 21 in darkness, but initial information suggests thatthe jet first […]

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Flight International 2-8 Feb 2010.jpg

Flight International 2-8 Feb: Tornado Force Over Afghanistan

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International features honing the Tornado for Afghanistan: how the UK Royal Air Force’s 31 sqn battle to win over local hearts and minds as it adapted its strategy in the fight against the Taliban.Also featured are: Bahrain Air Show wrap-up: the news from the inaugural show at the island nation […]

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Talk of 150-seat CSeries in the fray following analyst report

Bombardier is calling a report it is working on a 150-seat version of the 110/130-seat CSeries airliner “speculative”, but some analysts believe the airframer would be wise to move forward with a larger-capacity variant of the Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1000G geared turbofan-powered aircraft. JP Morgan’s Joseph Nadol said the firm believes a 150-seat variant is […]

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