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Thank Phuket, it’s Friday

Gorgeous photograph this one, featuring a Boeing 747 operated by Thai Airways International at Phuket airport in Thailand. The picture was taken by AirSpace contributor ApisitiJ. Flightglobal’s Ascend database records the airline as operating 16 of the passenger jets, with a further two converted to freighters.

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British Airways 747 departs Heathrow

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Gorgeous light on this shot of a British Airways Boeing 747-400 departing from Heathrow from AirSpace user Hounddogone. Shows the great, gross beast to superb effect. User Hounddogone on flightglobal/AirSpace

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Two giants meet

An Air france A380 and a China Airlines Boeing 747 side by side at LAX

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Image of the Week: Saudi 747 on short final

AirSpace user Hounddogone posted this picture of a sunset-lit Saudi Arabian Airlines 747-400 on short final approach to London Heathrow. Credit: User Hounddogone on Flightglobal/AirSpace

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Image of the Week: Boeing 747LCF Dreamlifter on final approach

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user commercial aviation. His photo depicts a Boeing 747 LCF Dreamlifter on final approach. Start a gallery on AirSpace for your chance at having your photograph featured as our Image of the Week.

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FINT 21 Dec 10-3 Jan 11.jpg

Flight International 21 Dec-3 Jan cover image: head-on view of 747 taking off

This week’s cover image of Flightglobal publication Flight International is the winner of our annual cover photo competition. The winning photo was taken by AirSpace user Coalburner and depicts a Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-200 departing London Gatwick. He took the photo with a Nikon D70.We also had category winners, including best photos for sleek jets, […]

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Boeing 747 at 40 – free download

Here at Flightglobal, we’ve gone and got all excited about the Boeing 747′s 40th anniversary in commercial service. The 747′s launch customer was Pan Am. See more of our 747@40 coverage and find out how you can download this image for free.

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Flight International 19-25 Jan 2010.jpg

Flight International 19-25 Jan: 40 Years of 747 Service

This week Flight International, as the 747 approaches its 40 birthday, reviews the highlights of the jumbo jet’s career and looks forward as the latest version of the widebody gets into stride. Review of the 747′s 40 years of service Whichever way you look at it, the Boeing 747′s legacy is remarkable. Probably the most […]

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Last 747400 Credit_Matt Cawby.jpg

Chapter closes as Boeing finally delivers last of original 747s

Boeing has finally – and quietly – delivered the last of the original 747 family off the line, a -400ER Freighter (MSN 37304). Read more..   (Photo: Matt Cawby)

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BA to ground eight 747s

Picture credit: oneworld British Airways is to ground 16 aircraft for the upcoming winter season, to rein in capacity following the sharp decline in passenger demand. The airline will ground eight Boeing 747-400s and eight 757-200s to cut capacity by 4% for winter 2009-10. Continue reading…

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