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kinshasa 747 SP.jpg

Boeing 747SP – does the SP stand for slowly perishing?

Courtesy of user Sharpshot on Flightglobal’s Airpspace image gallery, here’s a great picture of a slightly neglected Boeing 747SP. It began its life as a test aircraft for Boeing as it looked at the possibility of offering a 747SP Combi, before entering service with China Airlines in 1977. It wound up with Kinshasa in 2003 – […]

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747 VIP

Interior Pics of 747 VIP

Have you ever wanted to purchase a 747 in a VIP configuration but found it too expensive? Go to the used market instead, where Las Vegas ans Macau gambling monolith Sands is selling its 747 SP in a VIP configuration. (Photo: Aero Toy) The aircraft has 26364 hours and 6275 cycles. Surely if we all […]

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NASA 747SP.jpg

NASA: all is well on Boeing 747SP open-door front

NASAreports positive results from initial open-door testing of itsStratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (Sofia), a researchplatform that includes a 19t telescope mounted on a Boeing 747SP (N747NA). A 4.6m (15ft)-high by 4.3m-wide door on the aft left side of theaircraft that opens in flight to expose the telescope a clear view ofthe sky between 23° […]

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NASA 747A.jpg

747SP as flying observatory

NASA has invested almost two decades and $500 million on modifications to N747NA, a former Pan Am and United Air Lines mainline aircraft that is now a research platform called the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (Sofia). Mounted in the rear of N747NA – in Section 46 – is a 19t telescope with a 2.5m […]

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