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Shiny Boeing 767

Another cracking image from the ever-reliable Flyvertosset on our AirSpace gallery, this time of an American Airlines Boeing 767 taking off from San Francisco airport. Sadly the glint of polished metal in the sun will become a thing of the past once American brings in its new, much less interesting livery.  Flvertosset gallery on flightglobal.com/AirSpace

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Retro lovliness from Condor

Cracking shot from Marcel Vöse in Germany of a Boeing 767-300 operated by leisure carrier Condor in a new retro livery (if that isn’t oxymoronic). Marcel writes: “On Monday 30th July this had just left the paintshop at Air Livery for a two-hour testflight back to Manchester.” The 767 carries the registration EI-CRF and was formerly operated by […]

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UA 757

In tribute: 757s and 767s from American Airlines and United Airlines

I break with our norm of only featuring one aircraft/photo to feature four aircraft who bear the connection of being the types involved in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that killed their crew and passengers, civilians in the buildings three of the jets were crashed into, and averted additional deaths from courageous actions of […]

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Marshall Gas Inert.jpg

Marshall Aerospace Generic Inerting System

Marshall Aerospace is in discussions with several airlines over the provision of a fuel tank inerting modification for their Boeing 757 and 767 fleets.The UK company expects to install its modular onboard inert gas generating system (OBIGGS) on an aircraft for the first time next year, with the safety enhancement now in the design and risk-reduction […]

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Chilean Air Force Boeing 767

Picture credit: French Frogs A new Chilean Air Force Boeing 767 is pictured at Toulouse. 

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