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Aeromexico raises Boeing 787 performance concerns

As Boeing presses towards a first flight in the second quarter, airline customers have begun to raise questions publicly about the 787s performance. Continue reading…

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A NASA airliner concept

Predicting what lies in store over the next 100 years of aviation is challenging. The framework for the near term (the next 20 or 30 years) is already in place, with new airliner programmes such as the Airbus A350, A380 and Boeing 787. And six teams are studying advanced airliner concepts for NASA. Advancements in military […]

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VIDEO: Dreamliner One gets some air

Actually this is a still taken from a video of Dreamliner One coming out of Building 40-26. To find out more see FlightBlogger’s latest post…. Check out the progress by comparing April 08′s outing…

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Boeing 787 landing gear swing tests

Testing has begun for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Gear swing tests replicate the extension and retraction of the landing gear, as they would function on a regular flight. Successfully swinging the landing gear into a stowed position and back down into a landing position verifies the installation and functionality are working as expected. (more…..)

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