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Will Cessna’s new single-prop type look like a Mustang?

Cessna will introduce “not immediately, but in the near future” a new single-engined turboprop that fill a product gap between the company’s 235kt (435km/h) piston-powered 400 Corvalis TT and the 340kt Mustang twin-engined very light jet, says president Jack Pelton. Pelton dropped hints about the new model, rumoured to look like a Mustang (below) with […]

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Cessna aircraft at #NBAA10

Today’s image of the day comes from AirSpace user Slider who photographed a series of Cessna aircraft on static display at this year’s NBAA event.The Flightglobal team has decamped to Atlanta to cover the show, producing articles, interactive digital editions, photos, videos, Tweets and more. You can check it all out here on our dedicated […]

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Cessna offers finance for new propeller-driven types

In an attempt to boost sales of its propeller-driven aircraft, Cessna‘s sister company Cessna Finance is offering a new finance programme to owners who purchase its piston and turboprop-powered aircraft this year. Read more….

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Cessna renames piston singles

Cessna has renamed its Cessna 350 and 400 piston singles the 350 Corvalis and 400 Corvalis TT (twin turbocharged) (pictured) to reflect the nomenclature of its existing light aircraft product line. Read on…

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Cessna Citation X

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Cessna Citation

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