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Uniformed employees 1988.jpg

American Airlines goes back to the ’80s

To celebrate 30 years of flights to London Heathrow, American Airlines has released this tremendous, nay, glorious image of members of staff dating from 1988. I think it’s probably the hair – just the wrong side of boufant – that does it for us. As to whether the jet is still in service, well, it’s […]

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BAE’s Demon UAV flies

Manoeuvring without the aid of control surfaces has been demonstrated by an unmanned air vehicle designed by a British team of industry and academic specialists.The Demon UAV (pictured below), an adapted BAE Systems Eclipse, first flew on 17 September with its flight control surfaces deactivated during a portion of the flight to test a new […]

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BAE’s 80kg Demon UAV

With a first flight planned by year’s end, the 2.7m (8.8ft)-wingspan,80kg (176lb) jet-powered UAV prototype called Demon is the culminationof the five-year Flapless Air Vehicle Integrated Industrial Researchprogramme (FLAVIIR) funded by BAE Systems and the UK’s Engineering andPhysical Sciences Research Council. Read more…

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100 Years Ago Today: Blériot Channel Crossing

One hundred years ago today Louis Blériot became the first person to cross a ‘large body of water’ in a ‘heavier than air’ aircraft.The successful aircraft was the Blériot XI, a replica of which an AirSpace user recently captured. Blériot flew 22 statute miles (36.6 km) from Les Barraques (near Calais, France) to Dover, England […]

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Apollo Landing and Quarantine

40 years ago today Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, completing its historical mission.Time to celebrate, right?Unfortunately not.Out of fear of astronauts bringing “unheard-of” diseases back to Earth, US public authorities imposed a 21-day quarantine on all returning astronauts. They were confined to the “Lunar Receiving Laboratory” in Houston that featured, amongst other […]

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