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Greek air force on exercise in Israel

Via our Israeli correspondent, Arie Egozi, comes this image of Greek air force Northrop Grumman F-16s, Israeli air force Boeing F-15s and an IAF Boeing 707 tanker on exercise above Israel back in November. In all, five Greek F-16s took part, flying from the IAF’s base at Uvda in southern Israel and performing a five-day exercise, which […]

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Image of the Week: Royal Netherlands F-16

This week’s Image of the Week (featured on page 3 of Flight International), is taken by AirSpace user Joris van Boven. It depicts a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 taking off from Vokel Air Force Base during a demonstration test flight. Start a gallery on AirSpace for your chance at having your photograph featured as […]

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Night Refuel Airbus.jpg

Nighttime In-Flight Refuelling

Today’s image is from Airbus and depicts its Aerial Refuelling Boom System (on an A310) making contact with a Portuguese F-16AM–at night! This was conducted as part of the readiness for A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) qualification. From Airbus: After approach maneuvers to calibrate illumination, 17 contacts were made between the A310 and the […]

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Dutch demo f-16.jpg

Pic of the week (12 May 09) Dutch demo F-16

Here is this week’s image of the week uploaded by user  Joris van Boven. See more images in his gallery on AirSpace  

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Dutch f16.jpg

Pic of the week (28 April): F-16 lights up sky

A Dutch Lockheed Martin F-16 lights up the sky with the afterburnerplugged in on take-off in this photograph by AirSpace user APG Photography. See this image plus more in the APG Photography gallery on AirSpace

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USAF orders production revival for upgraded Maverick missile

  Raytheon is to restart production of a nearly 30-year-old air-to-ground missile system that is scheduled for replacement. Continue reading… Pictured is an F-16 taken by Master Sergeant Andy Dunaway, USAF 

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Thunderbirds Lockheed Martin F-16 Ejection

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Lockheed Martin F-16 on delivery to Royal Jordanian Airforce

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Lockheed Martin F-16A Fighting Falcon

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USAF Thunderbirds

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