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Third final G250 flight test.jpg

Final G250 enters flight-test programme

The third and final Gulfstream G250 business jet has joined the 1,300h flight-test programme, six months after the campaign began. The super-midsize aircraft made its first flight on 28 June at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, home of the G250′s co-developer Israel Aerospace Industries. Continue reading… (Photo: Gulfstream)

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G250 Cutaway

Following up to yesterday’s image of the day, which showed a G250 on the cover of Flight International, here is our exclusive cutaway of the G250.For more of our G250 coverage, go here for information and here for photos and videos from the rollout event.

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Flight International cover 13-19 October: Gulfstream’s new arrival

Gulfstream’s new G250 which rolled out last week is pictured outside the Israel Aerospace Industries Tel Aviv plan where it is built. 

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