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Integrator UAV.jpg

Boeing/Insitu Integrator Soars

On the UAV Integrator (above), its twin-booms are designed to carry miniature munitions.Here are its manufacturing details: Wingspan 4.8m Length 2.1m Mass 59kg Endurance 24h Cruise speed 60kt Altitude 20,000ft Payload 23kg You can read more the Integrator and STUAS/Tier II contract here.

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Boeing’s culture challenger the ScanEagle

With Boeing’s support since 2002, Insitu has famously adapted the SeaScan unmanned air system from a tuna boat accessory into the ScanEagle, which has essentially invented an operational niche for a small tactical UAS (STUAS) for the US Navy and a Tier II platform for the US Marine Corps. Continue reading

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