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Resplendent Raptor

A Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor flies in an air combat training mission over the Nevada Test and Training Range on March 13, 2012. The F-22 pictured here belongs to the USAF’s 1st Fighter Wing based at of Langley AFB, Virginia. Credit: US Air Force/Staff Sgt Christopher Hubenthal

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11th C5-B on the Super Galaxy line

Lockheed Martin inducted the 11th aircraft to the C-5M Super Galaxy production line in Marietta, Georgia on February 1, 2012. Based at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, this aircraft has supported operations across the globe, delivering cargo in locations such as Iraq, Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Spain and Turkey. Credit: Lockheed Martin

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So, farewell, then F-22

A sad day in aviation history yesterday (no, not Southwest’s order for the 737 Max) as the final Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor rolled off the manufacturer’s Marietta, Georgia production line. The fifth-generation fighter has been in production since 1997. Credit: Lockheed Martin

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F-35B and Blue Angels C-130

This little gem from Lockheed Martin shows an F-35B parked at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base with a C-130 of the US Navy’s Blue Angels coming in to land in the background. The C-130 crew came to Forth Worth to collect Lockheed Martin’s donation of toys for the Marine Corps’ Toys for […]

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In celebration of the 100th Super Herc

Lockheed Martin’s iconic airlifter, the C-130, currently in its J incarnation, has hit several milestones this week with the latest aircraft delivery. Pictured is the 10th C-130J Super Hercules for Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. The aircraft is also the 100th overall C-130J delivered to the US Air Force and the 150th overall to the United States government. Credit: […]

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USAF HC-130J Tanker Ready for Paint

The US Air Force will take delivery of its first HC-130J combat rescue tanker later this year, with the aircraft having emerged at Lockheed Martin‘s Marietta production plant in Georgia on 3 April. The USAF‘s Air Combat Command has ordered its first two of a planned 18 HC-130Js, and will also acquire 26 MC-130J tankers, […]

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Lockheed’s Athena re-enters small payload market

Lockheed Martin and Alliant Techsystems (ATK) have teamed up to enter the small launcher market. Services will be available from 2012 using a new version of the all-solid rocket motor Athena vehicle. With a payload capability of 1,712kg (3,775lb) to low Earth orbit, the two versions of Athena, Ic and IIc, will face competition. US […]

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Lockheed foresees long, rich futures for C-130J, F-16

Lockheed Martin has updated plans for rapidly escalating C-130J Hercules production output, while F-16 deliveries are set to contract for two years before possibly doubling again after 2012. Chief financial officer Bruce Tanner, discussing third-quarterearnings on 20 October, revealed that C-130J deliveries will grow from12 aircraft in 2008 to 16 this year and 26 next year. Read […]

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DSEi: PICTURE: Lockheed offers business jet-based ‘multi-int’ capability

  Lockheed Martin may exhibit its newly certificated Airborne Multi-Intelligence Laboratory (AML) at the Dubai air show in November, with the modified Gulfstream III business jet having recently completed its first exercise in support of the US Army. Continue reading…

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Lockheed Martin

F-22 crash casts new spotlight on Auto-GCAS technology

  The US Air Force has decided against funding a readily available technology that is supposed to prevent crashes like the one that recently killed a Lockheed Martin test pilot flying an F-22 Raptor. Continue reading…

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