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Dutch threesome (helicopters, that is)

Pictured here are a Boeing AH-64 Apache, Eurocopter AS532 Cougar and a Boeing CH-47 Chinook of the Royal Netherlands Army Air Force on exercises at Volkel earlier this year, photographed by Flightglobal Airspace user Ghostplanes. Credit: Airspace user Ghostplanes

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Happy 50th Birthday Chinook

Although debate rages between the US and UK parts of the office as to whether it’s pronounced ‘shinook’ or ‘chinook’, what is certain is that Boeing’s venerable Chinook turns 50 today. To celebrate this, Boeing has also opened its recently renovated, for a cost of $130 million, production site in Ridley Township, PA. Pictured is a CH-47A belonging to the […]

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Chinooks FINT 25 Jan.jpg

Chinook in Afghanistan

As the Association of the US Army (AUSA) hosted an annual aviation symposium on 13-14 January, army aviation leaders bluntly called attention to the branch’s future predicament. Col Randolph Rotte, aviation division chief on the army’s headquarters staff, issued a call for immediate action. There is currently no strategy to replace the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, […]

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Ling Temco Vought XC-142

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Boeing MH-47G Chinook

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