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From Russia with love (but they’ll make your eyes hurt)

I like Russian Helicopters, no, really I do, but however good they are, they certainly aren’t easy on the eye. OK, you can forgive the Mil Mi-28  - it’s not meant to be pretty, it’s just meant to say ‘Go away. Now.’ to whoever is at the pointy end – but the Kamov Ka-226 with […]

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Argentina Pampas.jpg

Argentina AT-63 Pampa

Argentina is again looking at upgrading the engine powering the indigenous AT-63 Pampa following the renationalisation of the local company that produces the jet trainer.The engine project could result in the next batch of 10 Pampas being delivered with the Honeywell TFE731-40, as well as re-engining all 18 of the TFE731-2-powered Pampas currently operated by […]

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