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Finance ministry worries may scupper India refuelling tankers

The Indian air force’s competition to buy six air-to-air refuelling tankers is in danger of collapsing due to “reservations” by the country’s finance ministry about the bids. Continue reading…   Related story: PICTURE: A330 tanker refuels two aircraft for the first time Aircraft profile: Airbus A330   

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Flight International cover 15-21 September 2009: Arms over the Atlantic

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DSEi: PICTURE: Lockheed offers business jet-based ‘multi-int’ capability

  Lockheed Martin may exhibit its newly certificated Airborne Multi-Intelligence Laboratory (AML) at the Dubai air show in November, with the modified Gulfstream III business jet having recently completed its first exercise in support of the US Army. Continue reading…

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Lockheed Martin

F-22 crash casts new spotlight on Auto-GCAS technology

  The US Air Force has decided against funding a readily available technology that is supposed to prevent crashes like the one that recently killed a Lockheed Martin test pilot flying an F-22 Raptor. Continue reading…

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Indonesian C-130 crashes killing more than 78

An Indonesian military Lockheed C-130 crashed in east Java today and latest reports say the death toll is 78. Continue reading…

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McDonnell Douglas

Turkey retires first squadron of F-4 Phantoms

Turkey has disbanded its first squadron of McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom strike aircraft, under a transition plan leading to its future operation of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Continue reading…

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Pic of the week (12 May 09) Dutch demo F-16

Here is this week’s image of the week uploaded by user  Joris van Boven. See more images in his gallery on AirSpace  

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Pic of the week (28 April): F-16 lights up sky

A Dutch Lockheed Martin F-16 lights up the sky with the afterburnerplugged in on take-off in this photograph by AirSpace user APG Photography. See this image plus more in the APG Photography gallery on AirSpace

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USAF orders production revival for upgraded Maverick missile

  Raytheon is to restart production of a nearly 30-year-old air-to-ground missile system that is scheduled for replacement. Continue reading… Pictured is an F-16 taken by Master Sergeant Andy Dunaway, USAF 

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On this day in 1994: Eurofighter Typhoon performed its first flight in Germany

On this day 15 years ago the Eurofighter Typhoon performed it’s first flight. Flight at the time recorded the news as a picture story. Eurofighter Typhoon cutaway

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