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MV-22 Osprey warms up for Farnborough #Farn12

Great picture of the Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey from user apgphoto on AirSpace undergoing validation trials ahead of the Farnborough air show next week. Credit: User APG Photo on Flightglobal/AirSpace

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100 Years Ago Today: Blériot Channel Crossing

One hundred years ago today Louis Blériot became the first person to cross a ‘large body of water’ in a ‘heavier than air’ aircraft.The successful aircraft was the Blériot XI, a replica of which an AirSpace user recently captured. Blériot flew 22 statute miles (36.6 km) from Les Barraques (near Calais, France) to Dover, England […]

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MV-22B Osprey

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