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Pic of the day, Paris Day 7

The Airbus A380 passes over the Flight Chalet and the end of its flying display at the Paris Air Show 2009

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Pic of the day, Paris Day 6

The wonderful flame spitting Breitling Lockheed Super Constellation carrying out one of its few graceful aerial demonstrations at Paris 2009

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Pic of the day, Paris Day 5

EADS Bluecopter concept demonstrator is making its debut at this year’s show. Developed as part of the company’s research into “greener helicoptertechnologies”, the demonstrator is intended to deliver “cleanerpropulsion” via lean combustion. It incorporates ahigh-compression-ratio (16:1) engine, an oxidising catalytic converter,a particulate filter and a selective catalytic converter.

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Pic of the day, Paris day 4

Day 3 of Paris saw Airbus with their own mini display to mark their 40th anniversary. Taking part were the A300, A320, A340 and A380. Here the Novespace A300 is about to land with the A320 entering the display circuit.

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Pic of the day, Paris day 3

What a difference a day makes, it was bright and sunny for the flying display on day 2 of the Paris Air Show. Here the Sukhoi Superjet 100 is about to land following its display, the SSJ secured an order commitment for 30 aircraft from Hungarian carrier Malev at Paris.

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Pic of the day, Paris day 2

Pictured on the EADS Eurocopter display is the first Eurocopter AS565 Panther for the Bulgarian Navy, due to be delivered in 2010

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