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ANA Boeing 787 – coming to a city near you shortly

OK, it might not unless you’re living in Japan, but with the airline announcing routes and schedules for the new Boeing Dreamliner today, the twinjet’s entry into service has moved a step closer. So, to honour that moment, here’s a snap from our own Flightblogger of one of the first aircraft. Credit: Flightblogger

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Bat/KillerBee UAV Launch

(Photo: Northrop Grumman) The Bat/Killer Bee UAV, seen above having just launched, was acquired by Northrop Grumman from Swift Engineering, and licensed Raytheon to propose the KB-4 independently for STUAS.Here are its manufacturing details: Wingspan 3.1m Length 1.92m Mass 74.4kg Endurance 15h Cruise speed 55kt Altitude 10,000ft Payload 22.3kg You can read more the Bat/KillerBee […]

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Raytheon unveils long-range torpedo for P-8

Raytheon has revealed plans to challenge Boeing and Lockheed Martin for a US Navy contract to modify a torpedo for high-altitude launch by a P-8 Poseidon. The Raytheon Fish Hawk programme integrates a wingkit,flight-control surfaces and a guidance system to a Mk 54 or Mk 46torpedo, says Mark “Smoke” Borup, senior business development managerfor Raytheon’s advanced […]

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787 Structural Reinforcement

Today’s image of the day is Flightblogger’s (Jon Ostrower’s) image to explain the structural reinforcement problem on the 787 that is now causing a further delay.

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Aeromexico raises Boeing 787 performance concerns

As Boeing presses towards a first flight in the second quarter, airline customers have begun to raise questions publicly about the 787s performance. Continue reading…

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Two bidders reveal designs for SDB-II

Two competitors have unveiled competing designs to produce the next major precision attack munition for the US Air Force, as the bidding draws closer to entering an intense final phase. Continue reading…

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A NASA airliner concept

Predicting what lies in store over the next 100 years of aviation is challenging. The framework for the near term (the next 20 or 30 years) is already in place, with new airliner programmes such as the Airbus A350, A380 and Boeing 787. And six teams are studying advanced airliner concepts for NASA. Advancements in military […]

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