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ETC Space Training with Richard Branson.jpg

Sir Richard Branson in Virgin Galactic Training Facility

Combined with the advent of commercial suborbital flight ventures, spawned in part by Burt Rutan winning the $10 million Ansari X Prize in the fall of 2004 with two flights to suborbital space in a two-week period, ETC via Nastar in 2007 officially launched its space launch training programme with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic […]

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Flight International 29 June 5 July 2010.jpg

Flight International 29 June-5 July: Civil Simulators Special

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International in its cover article has a special report on civil flight simulators. Our writers experience NASA’s mobile operations station, go Down Under to consider SimJet’s range of trainers, visit an FAA-approved spaceflight centre in Philadelphia, “fly” an A330 and describes CAE’s CIASTA simulation technology.On the cover is CAE’s photo […]

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L-3 Link Simulator.jpg

F-16 mission training centre simulators

Recent wins for L-3 include a $68 million contract from the US AirForce in January for 20 four-ship F-16 mission training centresimulators for basic and advanced pilot mission training, tacticsvalidation and mission rehearsal. L-3 also recently won upgrades to itsPredator mission aircrew training system (PMATS) first ordered by the USAFin 2005. Enhancements to the Predator […]

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Cover 24-30 Nov 09.jpg

Flight International Cover: 24-30 November

This week Flight International features the news from the 2009 Dubai Air Show.We also look at: Military simulators: Full immersion in the crosshairs The winners of the Flightglobal achievement awards And don’t forget about our cover competition, where YOUR photograph can be on the cover of Flight International.You can subscribe to Flight International here or […]

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