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PICTURE & VIDEO: Shuttle Atlantis returns home after final mission

 credit: Rex Features/NASA/Jim Grossmann NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis returned to the Kennedy Space Center for the final time yesterday (26 May). Watch it touch down and the parachute being deployed from news channel Russia Today:   

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Will Constellation live on?

On 21 August NASA‘s Orion crew exploration vehicle’s (CEV) preliminary design review starts and four-days later the first test firing of a solid rocket booster for its launcher, the Ares I, occurs but this week US president Barack Obama’s administration will be presented with a set of choices that could see both cancelled. Continue reading…

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Europe’s SpaceShipTwo competitor

The prospect of an all-European competitor to US suborbital tourism projects has become stronger with the €7.3 million ($9.68 million) funding of the Future High-Altitude High-Speed Transport (FAST) 20XX project that will focus on two concepts, one suborbital, the other a hypersonic point-to-point transport system. Continue reading…

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