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Osprey refuels

It’s a stunning image this one, showing a USAF Bell Boeing CV-22 Osprey receiving fuel from a Lockheed Martin MC-130H Combat Talon II off the coast of Greenland on its way to RAF Mildenhall in the UK. The CV-22 is assigned to the 7th Special Operations Squadron. USAF

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C-17 reflects, contemplates the meaning of existence

Well, possibly, it could just be parked somewhere very scenic. So, according to the blurb on the US Air Force website the Boeing C-17 is on the runway at Pago Pago International airport in American Samoa. The puddle in the foreground is as a result of Tropical Cyclone Evan. US Air Force

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c-130 backlit.jpg

Hercules looking suitably epic

Here’s a great picture from the US Air Force site showing a Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules taking off from Little Rock AFB in Arkansas. Flightglobal’s MiliCAS database lists the service operating a total of 363 C-130s, the majority E/H models. US Air Force

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C-130s in flight around Mt Fuji

Following on from the recent image of a five-ship flight of Airbus Military A400Ms, how about this effort from the US Air Force? It shows a formation of Lockheed Martin C-130s as they return from the Samurai Surge training mission near Mount Fuji, Japan on 5 June. Credit: US Air Force

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Semi-reusable launcher system Apr 2010.jpg

USAF seeks reusable booster concepts

Ideas for developing and operating a semi-reusable launcher that uses its engines to “rocket-back” for a gliding landing at the launch site have been requested by the US Air Force. Under the USAF‘s reusable booster integrated demonstration concept options maturation study, organisations are to provide information on how technologies can be developed for an unmanned vertical […]

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USAF issues KC-X update, ignores Northrop demands

The US Air Force has issued a “presoliciation notice” for the KC-Xtanker contract that suggests at least two of the three changesdemanded by the Northrop Grumman/EADS North America team will not be incorporated in the final request for proposals (RFP). The notice released on 8 February on the Federal Business Opportunities web site precedes the […]

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6Oct Cover.jpg

Flight International cover 6-12 October: A Question of Thrust

This week Flight International examines why the industry is keeping its options open on next-generation powerplants.Who will win the race to power the next generation of sing-aisle aircraft?Could radical engine innovations such as open rotors give a distinctly different look to tomorrow’s narrowbodies? The cover features one possible design, as illustrated by Flightglobal artist Tim […]

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F-22 to communicate with stealth and non stealth aircraft

The US Air Force has cleared a five-year upgrade project to allow the Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor to communicate with other stealthy – and perhaps some non-stealthy – aircraft types. The project will cost roughly $900 million. Continue reading…

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Raytheon uav.jpg

Two bidders reveal designs for SDB-II

Two competitors have unveiled competing designs to produce the next major precision attack munition for the US Air Force, as the bidding draws closer to entering an intense final phase. Continue reading…

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USAF signs deals for 15 more C-17s

The US Air Force has signed deals to extend production of its Boeing C-17 and upgraded Lockheed Martin C-5 strategic transports for at least one more year. Continue reading…  

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