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Strike Eagles abroad

Pictured here via the US Air Force picture library is a group of Boeing F-15E Strike Eagles taxiing following a training combat missionin November, during the Blue Flag exercise on Uvda Air Force Base, Israel. The aircraft were drawn from the 492nd Fighter Sqn, based at RAF Lakenheath, England. The service has an active inventory of 434 F-15C/Es, […]

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Now that’s what you call a firework display

Around 2,400 personnel from the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force were involved in a live-fire exercise staged near Mount Fuji earlier this month. This spectacular image shows two of the service’s Boeing/Fuji Heavy Industries AH-64DJ Apache attack helicopters in action, with pyrotechnics supplied by the land vehicles. Flightglobal’s HeliCAS database records Japan’s army as having only […]

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Boeing C-17 provides Thanksgiving fireworks

OK, it’s not really a pyrotechnic display to celebrate the over-consumption of turkey and pumpkin pie. In fact, according to the caption on the pic, it’s a C-17 Globemaster III performing evasive counter measures by launching flares during a Mobility Air Forces Exercise earlier this month in Nevada. It sure is purty though. Credit: US […]

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A-10 Thunderbolt.jpg

Raising a storm: A-10 Thunderbolt II

Featured for no other reason than it’s a great photograph, here’s a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II from the US Air Force Weapons School at Nellis AFB, Nevada, dropping a Raytheon AGM-65 Maverick during a close-air support training mission over the Nevada Test and Training Range. Credit: US Air Force

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File under: what would happen if…

…An Airbus A380 needed intercepting over Austrian airspace. We imagine it would look something like this. It was a training exercise held on 22 August and two Austrian Eurofighters conducted a QRA training interception of the new Airbus, fresh from its naming ceremony at Vienna airport, on its flight through Austrian airspace. The Eurofighters, scrambling from their […]

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flankers 900.jpg

Su-27 Flankers up close and personal

Credit: US Department of Defense A pair of Russian air force Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker fighters escort a simulated hijacked airliner during the second day of flight operations for exercise Vigilant Eagle on 9 August, over the Pacific Ocean. The Russian fighters followed and monitored the aircraft while it was in Russian airspace, handing it over […]

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US Airways a320 in musuem.gif

US Airways A320 Flight 1549 spends final days in museum

The US Airways Airbus A320 Flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson River west of New York City after a departure from LaGuardia Airport in the afternoon of 15 January 2009. The aircraft is currently on its way to being a permanent feature Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Read John Croft’s article….    

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Alenia Aermacchi’s first T-346A

The Italian air force’s first two T-346A advanced jet trainers (below) were rolled out at Alenia Aermacchi’s Venegono plant in December, ahead of their planned delivery to the service’s Test Wing at Pratica di Mare air base by mid-April. Read more… (Photo: Alenia Aermacchi)

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Beluga 320P2F.jpg

Beluga delivers A320P2F training mock-up

An A300-600ST Beluga, below, delivers an A320 passenger-to-freighter (P2F) training mock-up. In recent A320PTF news, Airbus Freighter Conversion’s launch customer for the A320PTF conversion programme has found a client to lease three of the jets, but target certification has been pushed back to late 2012.AerCap, a lessor headquartered in the Netherlands, signed an order for […]

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ETC Space Training with Richard Branson.jpg

Sir Richard Branson in Virgin Galactic Training Facility

Combined with the advent of commercial suborbital flight ventures, spawned in part by Burt Rutan winning the $10 million Ansari X Prize in the fall of 2004 with two flights to suborbital space in a two-week period, ETC via Nastar in 2007 officially launched its space launch training programme with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic […]

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