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Zephyr with 23m Wing.jpg

Qinetig’s 23m Wingspan on Zephyr Aims for July Flight

Qinetiq is due to launch a record-breaking flight with its Zephyr high-altitude long-endurance unmanned air vehicle, with the company aiming to have the lightweight design remain airborne for around a fortnight. “The aim is for two weeks this time, to show that we’ve moved out of the research phase to a product that you might […]

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Boeing A-160T Poster Small.jpg

Boeing A160T Hummingbird UAV

Boeing hopes a series of demonstrations will prove the potential of its A160T Hummingbird unmanned helicopter to the US military Technical description and general arrangement of A160T Hummingbird UAV  

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Taranis Mock Up.jpg

BAE nears Taranis roll-out

Meanwhile, BAE will roll out its Taranis unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator (artist’s impression pictured below) during an event to be staged at its Warton facility on 12 July. Continue reading… (Image: BAE Systems)

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IAV Hovering Vehicle.jpg

IAI unveils hovering air vehicle design

Israel Aerospace Industries is developing a new line of hovering air vehicles for military and civilian applications, with its first system dubbed the electric tethered observation platform (ETOP). The electric-powered tethered platform will be used for observation and other applications and can be deployed from a fixed station or moving ground vehicle. Continue reading… (Photo: IAI)

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Innocon UAV.jpg

Innocon Unveils 1.5m anti-pirate VTOL UAV

Israeli unmanned air systems maker Innocon has unveiled a fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing concept designed for shipboard operations, to help protect shipping from pirates. Powered by a four-stroke engine, the 1.5m (4.9ft)-long unmanned air vehicle has a 1m wingspan and a maximum take-off weight of 30kg (66lb). Endurance is 4h. Continue reading… (Photo: Innocon)

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Fire-X Demo.jpg

Northrop to Modify Bell 407 with autonomous control system

Northrop Grumman has announced plans to later this year fly a Bell 407 helicopter modified with the autonomous control systems from its MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned air vehicle.The initial goal for the so-called Fire-X concept is to demonstrate unmanned cargo resupply capability to the US Navy, which intends to launch a two-year demonstration programme in 2011. […]

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Antares DLR-H2.jpg

Antares DLR-H2

Electric-powered flight pioneer Lange Aviation is developing a fuel cell-powered unmanned air vehicle technology demonstrator with an undisclosed partner. The UAV, called H3, will be optionally manned to enable safe test flights and could pave the way for H4, a long-endurance fuel cell-powered UAV product being planned by Zweibrucken, Germany based-Lange. Lange has already worked […]

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Boeing A160 Hummingbird UAV

In a shift away from traditional practice for a major US defence contractor, Boeing has decided to restart production of its A160 Hummingbird unmanned helicopter despite the lack of a new order. The industry typically waits for the US military to define a requirement or award a contract before launching an aircraft into low-rate production, but […]

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Flight International 23-29 March 2010.jpg

Flight International 23-29 March: Tracking the Taliban

This week Flightglobal publication Flight International for an intelligence special looks into the UAVs, business jets, and fighter jets the UK uses to sweep intelligence on its Afghan enemy.The cover image is from the UK Royal Air Force and depicts General Atomics Reaper remotely piloted aircraft. The service now has the type in constant operation […]

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Aerostar UAV

New Aerostar UAV makes first flight

Aeronautics Defense Systems‘ Aerostar-C unmanned air vehicle has performed its first series of test flights in Israel. The largest version of the tactical UAV design has a 10m (32.8ft) wingspan, 2.5m wider than that of the basic configuration. The aircraft is powered by a four-stroke fuel injected engine which produces up to 65hp (48kW). Continue reading… […]

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