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Concept – unpiloted Skylon spaceplane

This is an image of the Skylon, a concept for an unmanned spaceplane. Reaction Engines is the company behind the idea. More information to follow on Hyperbola, technical editor Rob Coppinger’s blog. 

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Reaper UAV.jpg

Reaper UAV may get ‘Gorgon Stare’ surveillance system

The US Air Force plans to a field a new sensor pod in 2010 that is expected to revolutionise tactical-level intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). Continue reading…

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Northrop Grummon Global Hawk.jpg

NATO to deploy first RQ-4s in 2012

NATO is “shooting for” a 2012 entry-into-service date for its long-awaited airborne alliance ground surveillance (AGS) fleet, although the contract remains unsigned and the most likely contractor acknowledges facing development issues. Read on… Aircraft profile: Northrop Grumman Global Hawk More aircraft profiles plus create your own….

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Urban Aeronautics conducts Mule windtunnel test

Urban Aeronautics has started windtunnel testing of a 250kt (465km/h)-capable cargo variant of its new 100kt top-speed Mule ducted-fan unmanned air vehicle. Read on…

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UCAS-D escapes budget cut threat

The US Navy confirms the scope of the Northrop Grumman X-47 unmanned combat air system demonstration (UCAS-D) has grown to add an autonomous aerial refuelling component. Read more…

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