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Dassault Mirage 2000

Q & A With Shaun Wildey, A340 Pilot for Etihad

Shaun Wildey flies Airbus A340s for Etihad Airways and is enjoying life with his family in Abu Dhabi, after a career with the Royal Air Force and Empire Test Pilots’ School. You recently joined Etihad Airways. What do you fly, and on which routes? I fly the Airbus A340-600 and -500, but should also become […]

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Randeep Singh.jpg

Q&A With Randeep Singh of Doncasters Group

Randeep Singh is in his second year of Doncasters Group’s graduate development programme. Originally from India, he is the first graduate to spend a placement working at one of the company’s US sites. What first attracted you to aerospace and engineering? After completing my BSc (Hons) in business administration and spending a year working in […]

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Working Week Michael Helling.jpg

Q&A With Michael Helling, general manager of the Aviator Hotel in Farnborough

Michael Helling, general manager of the Aviator Hotel in Farnborough since 2008, is gearing up for his busiest time of the year and ensuring that standards do not slip as preparations for July’s air show gather pace. We’ll be covering the Farnborough airshow in full force so check back soon to see our dedicated page to […]

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John Hoyte Working Week.jpg

Q&A With John Hoyte of the Aerotoxic Association

John Hoyte lost his medical category as a BAE Systems 146 captain in 1989, a victim of aerotoxic syndrome, which left him seriously neurologically damaged. He founded the Aerotoxic Association in June 2007. I set up the Aerotoxic Association several years ago after suffering the neurological damage that ended my flying career. The reason for the […]

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Working Week Frederick Apeloos.jpg

Q&A With Frederick Apeloos, Capital Aircraft Group

Frederick Apeloos initially took to the skies in the Belgian air force but now combines two roles at Capital Aircraft Group as first officer flying Citation Jets while working as deputy flight operations and training manage. How did you get into aviation? Ever since I was a little boy, I have been intrigued by everything […]

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Kathy Hammerson.jpg

Q&A With Kathy Hammerson of LJ Walch

Preparing letters of engagement, requests for proposals and building contracts to provide aircraft spares are daily challenges for Kathy Hammerson, LJ Walch’s manager of business development – North America. What career path led you to today? Before aviation I worked in a sales office for an aluminium distributor. Livermore, California-based service company LJ Walch was […]

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Dumani Airbus Filton.jpg

Q&A With Vukile Dumani, Airbus UK’s Filton apprentic of the year

Zimbabwean Vukile Dumani has been named Airbus UK’s Filton apprentice of the year. He completed his higher engineering studies in September and is now a specialist engineer in non-destructive testing. What does your job in non-destructive testing involve? I use NDT techniques to look for defects in aluminium, carbonfibre and other materials like steel. We […]

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Q&A with Maria Martinez at Airbus’s Illescas Composite Plant

Maria Angeles Marti Martinez is head of lean, as in ‘lean manufacturing’ at Airbus‘s Illescas composites plant outside Madrid, which designs and builds stabilisers, fuselage sections and skins. Tell us briefly about your job and the significance of the Ilescas plant. I am in charge of implementing lean manufacturing at the plant. Lean is a […]

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Andrew Brookes.jpg

Q&A with Andrew Brookes, Aerospace Analyst and Writer

Andrew Brookes’s Royal Air Force career included command of Greenham Common cruise missile base. Since leaving the service he has been an aerospace analyst and writer and in 2009 he took charge of the Air League. What turned you on to flying? I learned to fly with Leeds University Air Squadron back when sex was […]

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Michelle Scarpella.jpg

Q&A with Michelle Scarpella, VP for Boeing F/A 18 subcontractor

Michelle Scarpella joined Northrop Grumman from university. Now she is vice-president responsible for all aspects of its fuselage and vertical tail work as a Boeing F/A-18 subcontractor in El Segundo, California. How did you begin your career at Northrop Grumman? I joined the company right after earning a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton. […]

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