The Airline Business blog is a sideways look at the airline industry. The Airline Business blog team includes Andrea Crisp, Kerry Ezard, David Field, Mark Pilling and Brendan Sobie.

Meet the team:

Mark Pilling started his journalistic career back in the ’80s with a press trip on a Shorts 360 flown by Jersey European Airways. Surprisingly that didn’t put him off. This blog is the most instant publishing opportunity he’s had to date.

Brendan Sobie has been writing about airlines for a decade but has been an airline geek since he was a little boy, when he used to collect and study airline timetables. He has been the Deputy Editor of Airline Business magazine, based in London, since June 2006. Previously he worked in our Asian bureau in Singapore and in our Americas bureau in Washington.

David Field has been at this game since 1981 but is still fascinated that airplanes take off and that people want to go work for airlines.

Kerry Ezard has been covering the airline industry for over three years now, after a prior stint reporting on real estate. A little-known fact about Kerry is that even though she spends her working life travelling on and writing about aircraft, she doesn’t actually like flying.

Andrea Crisp has been production editor and self-appointed showbiz reporter on Airline Business for over two years.

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